Founded in 1997
more than 1500 models.Monthly business results 100 companies.

Talents & Models Agency Chat Noir. More than 1500 registered Models.

Welcome to Chat Noir

With an eye to the future, Chat Noir is always acting, thinking of tomorrow. Indeed, since our founding in 1997, we have been working analyzing in-depth the trends of the industry so that we can develop our activity and network over the years.
This is how we have reached to register more than 1500 talents and models, allowing us to be at the forefront of the business nationwide.

For that matter, Chat Noir believes in the importance of assisting the talents and models, especially regarding training, so that they can skill up, empower and contribute to our growth.

At the same time, we think that it is essential to promote diversity within the industry to meet expectations from the society, which is globalizing and always changing. That is the reason why we work with local, foreign but also transgender talents and models.

Now, in anticipation of the upcoming big events in Japan and moving towards a new chapter in our iconic legacy, we are intensifying trade with the international market in order to globalize our company's business.

As demand is diversifying too, we are more actively accepting both local and international talents for different kind of missions and do our utmost to give more and more opportunities to them.
We currently offer many jobs among which model, actor, promotion model, campaign girl and boy, poster child, hostess and host, golf hostess, banquet hostess, grid girl, narrator, translator, master of ceremonies.

Now, moving towards a new chapter in our iconic legacy, we would like to invite you to help define what Chat Noir will be tomorrow…

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