Service Guidance

Our offices are based in Tokyo, Osaka and Singapore.
 A. Model
 B. An event promotion girl
 C. Pit crew girl
 D. Event hostess
 E. A golf hostess
 F. Foreigner
Our company meets various request of the customer.
(for example)
  • We are looking for the image model of a magazine advertisement and the website.
  • Request for interpreter or master of ceremony.
  • Event performances that match your tailored event.
  • Reception party entertainment after various sports, like golf, football, basketball etc.
We have them all.
model cat


- model -
  • Fashion model
  • Stage model
  • Steel model
  • Wedding model
  • Men's model
  • Foreign model
  • Kids model
- Promotional model -
  • Reception
  • Exhibition
  • Sale event
  • customers business events
  • Assistant
  • Reception desk
  • master of ceremonies, narrator
- demonstration -
  • Race queen
  • Pit crew girl
  • Sampling, sampling sale assistant
  • Demonstrator of new product
  • Sales promotion assistance
- reception golf -
  • Golf hostess
  • After party companion

Flow of Service

model cat
  1. step1
  2. An inquiry
    If an event schedule is fixed please transmit a message from an inquiry form.
  1. step2
  2. Confirmation
    The customer must confirm the work place, location of event, number of top models needed and time of event.
  1. step3
  2. Free estimates
  1. step4
  2. You can do the profile selection of model and promotional girls.
  1. step5
  2. A rehearsal and public performance
    The models will have rehearsals and public performances before their scheduled event.


  • Q
  • What foreign languages can the models speak ?
  • A
  • English,Chinese,Russian,Italian,French,German,Spanish,the level including prepare the language in various ways,too. We can meet your request.
  • Q
  • What's the dress wear ?
  • A
  • Even if a customer arranges the clothes, it is possible in both the we arrange. In the case of our arrangement, rental and purchase whichever. I suggest clothes accordance to the best.
  • Q
  • Is distance or overseas deployment possible, too ?
  • A
  • Yes, we have a branches in Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore. As for us, the dispatch from each base to the distant place is possible, too.
  • Q
  • How soon would you be able to estimate ?
  • A
  • An estimate will be available within 24hours.
  • Q
  • Can we check their profile ?
  • A
  • Of course, You’ll be able to check the profile screening and submit the form.
  • Q
  • What payment options are available ?
  • A
  • Bank transfer, a credit card, or cash payment all are available.