We are recruiting all types of professional models.
Our offices are located in Tokyo, Osaka and Singapore.
All models are accepted for example male model, female model, kids models etc...
Regardless of nationality.

We accept them all. Various positions are needed, promotion girls, pit crew girls, master of ceremony (MC) etc...
Please mail us with the attached question.
model cat

flow of registration

model cat
  1. step1
  2. Application method
    Please apply in inputting a matter necessary for a registration form.
    We contact you in reply than the person in charge.
  1. step2
  2. Interview
    One of our staff members will contact you within one business day.
  1. step3
  2. Registration
    The person who passes the examination will have a scheduled personal interview.
  1. step4
  2. Business manner training
    Training for business manners in place.
  1. step5
  2. Job opportunities
    We will provides job opportunities to you via email or telephone.
  • Foreign male model walking in fashion show
  • Event companion PR of goods
  • Companion ride in the driver's seat at a car event
  • Female fashion model on the stage of the event