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Popular Model Agencies 2024 (Tokyo)

Just as fashion trends come and go, a company’s growth also changes with the times.
As part of a rapdily growing comapny, I imagine that companies that can predict the future and assess the next generation of AI and state of world, will continue to grow.

We selected the top model agencies that are likely to rapidly grow in 2024.

The following is our selection of “Popular Model Agencies 2024
Estimated based on the company’s growth and performance in 2023.

Popular Model Agencies

No.1 in the rapid growth prediction ranking of popular model agencies for 2024!

#1 elite Management Japan

Elite is the world’s No.1 modeling agency with its headquarters in Paris and around 30 branch offices on 5 continents.

This agency attracts worldwide attention, producing world-famous top models, with the majority of models appearing at Paris Fashion Week, and top models appearing on the cover of VOGUE.
The Japanese branch took on a new look and was launched in 2023, training many new models and sending them around the world.

Models who want to work overseas and top models on fashion shows belong to this agency.

#2 ChatNoir model agency

The representative who founded elite Japan is also the representative of this agency.

In short, it is an affiliated company (sister company) of Elite Japan. A stable agency that has been in business for 27 years (as of 2023).

In addition to models, there are approximetely 2,000 members registered with Chat Noir, including companions, race queens, hosts, and influencers.

#3 Oscar Promotion

A long-established and stable agent with a large number of employees.
If you are not only a model but also a talent or actress, this is the place for you.

#4 Asia Promotion

Although it’s an agency with a strong focus on entertainers, including Tsubasa Wakamasu, Maryjun Takahashi, Yu Takahashi, and Kayo Sato, there are many people who are active as models.

#5 Platinum Production

Popular talents and models such as Nanao, Anne Nakamura, Reina Triendl, and Yuko Ogura belong to the group.

#6 Bon Image

Often use foreign models by invitation.

#7 Satoru Japan

Similarly, there are many foreign and half-Japanese models.

There many other model agencies in Japan from small to major companies, such as Wildflower, Watanabe Entertainment, Pearl, SOS, and NAME Management.

In addition,

the initial registration fee which includes having a professional photographer take your photo, creating a composite, and creating a book that is essential for auditions can range from 30,000 yen~100,000 yen,but if the registration fee is more than 100,000 yen, you may want to compare it with other agencies and reconsider.

However, it takes a lot of effort and self-investment to make a living as a professional model.
Models walking in fashion shows are responsible for their own walking lessons and transportation to auditions.

Still, it is a dream job.

It seems like a dream come true to have a job that everyone dreams of, and I’d be happy if this website could be helpful to such dreamer young people!

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