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What is fashion week?

Much like the Paris Collection (Pari-Kore), “fashion week” is called a collection only in Japan, while in other countries it is called a fashion week.

Fashion week is an event where designers put forth the seasons clothes, and buyers and media gather to view the new designs.

A week-long fashion industry event featuring apparel new product presentations and promotional exhibitions, are the framework of fashion shows.

This event provides designers and brands with a platform, known as the runway, to showcase their latest creations. In response, buyers, the media, and the press seize the chance to grasp the freshest trends. It stands as a pivotal occasion for previewing upcoming season’s fashion trends. These occurrences are deemed significant and transmit globally, with the most notable being the Fashion Weeks held in four renowned fashion capitals: Milan, Paris, New York, and London.

These collectively make up the world’s four major collections.

Fashion Week transpires twice annually, presenting fall and winter collections from January to April, and spring and summer collections from September to November. 

In a noteworthy development, the global fashion industry’s attention is directed toward a specific Fashion Week, where the spotlight will shine on 7 Japanese models.

From the esteemed management agency Elite Management Japan,

established in Japan this year and now part of the world’s largest model agency,

7 individuals (2 men, 5 women) have committed to participate. 

Worth noting: Elite Model, established in Paris in 1972, has expanded to about 30 branch offices across five continents and is celebrated as one of the world’s largest model agencies. The inaugural endeavors of Elite Management Japan, since its inception, symbolize a strong start to global expansion and mark a noteworthy representation of Japan in the realm of model agencies.

The mastermind behind the designs is Kentaro Kameyama, a Japanese designer active in Los Angeles.

It is an opportunity for designers and brands to showcase their latest works on a stage called the runway, in response to this, buyers, the media and the press have the opportunity to obtain information on the latest trends,

and it is an opportunity for upcoming season’s fashion trends. is regarded as important as an event that is transmitted.

The most famous are the Fashion Weeks (Milan Collection, Paris Collection, New York Collection, London Collection, respectively) held in four cities around the world (Milan, Paris, New York, and London) called fashion capitals.

These are collectively known as the world’s four major collections.

Fashion Week is held twice a year, with fall and winter items on display from January to April, and spring and summer items from September to November.

By the way, at the fashion week that the world’s fashion industry is paying attention to,

It has been decided that 7 Japanese models will be appointed.

7 people (2 men, 5 women) from elite management Japan, the world’s largest model agency that launched in Japan this year, have decided to participate.

Note: elite model was founded in Paris in 1972 and is now known as one of the world’s largest model agents with about 30 branch offices on five continents.

The first stage of work since elite management Japan was launched, the global expansion, is off to a great start as a model agent representing Japan.

The designer for this show Kentaro Kameyama, a Japanese designer active in Los Angeles.

All seven of the aforementioned models have been chosen by seven distinct individuals, each with varying ages and personalities.

Seven models were appointed.


Kohei Himeno





Tomomi Yagi

Each of the above seven models has been selected by seven people with completely different ages and personalities.

How will designer Kentaro Kameyama utilize these seven models?

It’s part of the excitement.

Keep an eye out for NYFW coming up next month! !

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