10 ways models can take care of their physical and mental health overseas

It is very important to keep your body and mind in good shape while staying abroad. However, due to the unusual environment, there will be some people who will lose their lifestyle. Therefore, in this issue, we would like to introduce some tips for overseas models to keep both body and mind in good shape while working locally.

Barriers to Modeling Abroad

When modeling abroad, it is difficult to get used to living in a different environment than usual.
The hotels and apartments you stay in, the stores you visit when you go out, the food you eat, and everything else will be different from your daily life.
If this happens, you may find that your lifestyle is disrupted and your modeling activities are hindered, even though you have come all the way overseas to take on this challenge.

The biggest risk is a collapse of mind and body.
Once you are swamped by a lifestyle breakdown, there is no easy way out.
If you go to an audition, casting, or filming in an unhealthy state, you will not get good results.
In the worst case scenario, you may end up “not getting any work at all and having to return home.

You will lose money and confidence…
If you return to Japan without a job, you will only have to pay more money, and you may feel like “Oh… if this is the case, I should have never gone abroad.
If you don’t get any work, you may lose confidence and think, “Maybe I’m not cut out to be a model…” and give up on your career as an international model.

How to take care of yourself to avoid falling into a negative state

To prevent this from happening, you need to take care of yourself on a daily basis.

What is the most effective way to take care of oneself in an unfamiliar environment?

Here are a few ways…


Care Method #1 : Go to a park and exercise
Every country has parks, large and small. Try to get some physical exercise there.
For example, just going for a light jog, stretching, or working out and sweating will make you feel more positive.

Care Method #2 : Enjoy the outdoors
In addition to parks, there may be other places where you can enjoy the outdoors.
For example, in the case of Hong Kong, hiking and mountain climbing are very popular.
In some countries or regions, you may also be able to go to the beach and enjoy swimming.

Care Method #3 : Enjoy the country’s unique cuisine
Enjoying a meal is also a good way to refresh yourself.
Rather than staying in your room and eating the same food, try visiting different restaurants and enjoying meals that can only be enjoyed in that country.
Just don’t overeat, so don’t forget to exercise and train. LOL!

Care Method #4 : Go to a training gym
If you have some money to spare, it is a good idea to go to a local gym.
If you go to a gym, you will find people training with you, which will help motivate you.
The famous Anytime Fitness has locations all over the world (and of course in Japan as well), so if you can afford the time, we recommend signing up in Japan and entering a local gym.

Care Method #5 : Make friends with models
It is also very important to make friends with models.
If you are working alone, you may feel more anxious than necessary, but conversing with fellow models will free you from such anxieties.
It is also a great way to learn English, which is a great advantage for those who are not good at English.

Care Method #6 : Be curious anyway
In a new environment, it is important to be curious about everything around you.
Try to enjoy everything: food, sightseeing, shopping, friendships, experiencing different cultures, and so on.
If you enjoy the environment you are in, it will have a positive effect on your mental health, and you will achieve good results in auditions and photo shoots.

NG Behaviors International Models Should Not Do


NG Behavior #1 : Not going out
The biggest NG behavior is to stay in your room all the time.
If you are in Japan, you will have various plans for part-time jobs and private life, but overseas, you will have no plans except for filming and auditions.
If you stay in your room, your mind and body will become dark, and this will affect your work as well.

NG Behavior #2 : Acting alone all the time
It is not necessary to be with someone all the time, but try to interact with others locally as much as possible.
Similar to “not going out,” the more time you spend alone, the less opportunity you have to vent your inner self, and this will show itself in your mood.
Create a positive atmosphere by creating opportunities to free yourself to some extent.

NG Behavior #3: Repeating the same behavior every day
Repeating the same behavior every day is also prohibited.
Going to the same places, eating the same food, looking at the same information… Life becomes a rut, and the mind gradually becomes exhausted.
Try to refresh your mind by experiencing new places, new food, and new information as much as possible!

NG Behavior #4 : Not exercising or training
Not moving your body on a regular basis is another NG behavior.
Try to go to parks or sports facilities to exercise and stretch your body.
When your living environment changes, there is a risk that your body shape may change from your original shape, so you need to take better care of yourself than when you are in Japan.

As a conclusion


If you go to live abroad in an environment that is unusual and unfamiliar to you, there is a risk that your rhythm will be easily disrupted and your body and mind will be affected.

To avoid such a situation, it is important to be aware of self-care on a daily basis.

Keep your mind and body healthy and you will be successful in your life as an overseas model!

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