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A Models Agency CEO teaches the principal of “Attractiveness”

To some extent, everybody wants to be popular, to be “attractive“.

No matter how introverted your personality is, no matter how bad you interact with people, no matter how self-confident you are, there is no one for who the feeling of being recognized has no importance at all.


We all need it somehow, for some reasons right?



Basically, you have everything to gain as an “attractive” person.

In fact, by getting popular you increase your opportunities, no matter the field.


Well, there are various ways to use the word “attractiveness”.
It ’s not just about a power of seduction or sex appeal.

In fact, we can use the concept of attractiveness in so many different situations like with a boss, children, a wife, classmates that are all somehow kind of popular with other people.


So what should we do to become an “attractive girl”, an “attractive guy”, an “attractive…”?


As a girl, you might think that being thin and beautiful will be enough to make you attractive. Some girls also think that changing their makeup or hairstyle is the solution. Still others, focus on a way to become sexy…


As a guy, you probably think that entering a good college or having a a good job give you makes you cool. Another option some people consider is to behave as a gentle man…


Well, those options might help somehow but you need to know that this is not the most important thing. The main one is:



Being an attractive person = “entering into the other’s desire”.


You might ask yourself: “How does it work?”


Well, first of all, if you enter into the other person’s desire, this person will want to learn more from you. This is how it works.


It means that the more you will become able to understand the needs and desires from other people, the more you will develop a kind of link and seduction / attraction power on them.



So how should be do again?


Well, this is not that hard to grasp.


As previously said, the other party’s expectations need to be understood and granted.


To do this, you have to think in a different way, you have to put aside your own desires, avoid to think with too selfish “FOR ME” attitude.

Here, this is the other person’s desires who count.


Being able to sense, catch or even anticipate what people are expecting is the key.


It is important to open your mind!


Indeed, the more you grow up, the less flexible your way of thinking is. (But in general you are not able to notice it by yourself. And other people will not tell you).


So developing the ability to absorb different points of view like a fluffy sponge will definitely change your mindset.


Indeed, no matter if you want to become an “attractive father”, “attractive girl”, “attractive boy”, “attractive boss” (etc.), it is necessary to learn with the experience you will have, how to become more flexible and get into the other person’s desire.


How is it?


In the end, it is not so difficult to become “Attractive”, right? 


I think that everybody is able to achieve it somehow so please, from now, challenge yourself in order to become the sort of “attractive” person you want to be!


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