How to choose a model agency that will not let you down.

If you are a young and pretty girl, and have  been scouted in town?
Or have you ever been asked, are you a model,or you should be a model. Thats makes girls feel so good inside.

have you ever received a  business card from someone about being a model?

Then you call the model agency for an interview then once you get to the interview you find out that the cost is very expensive?

Have you ever been told that you  have to pay expensive lesson cost to become a model ?

Did you have to pay for your own  lesson fees the cost is around  300,000 yen or 400,000 yen and  shooting fees? But was told that the money would be reimbursed? But you never received the money nor a job.


I often hear many girls saying they quit the modeling office for many different reasons.

Wait a minute! !


So check it out! ! !


When you think its suspicious, what should you do! ! !



First of all, please check the website of the office firmly.



Points for checking the website !!


  1. Check company profile


date of establishment, name of representative, capital and etc…

In some cases new established companies may go into bankruptcy right away or they can  easily close the office without notice.

Also, if the name of the representative is not stated or if the capital is too low, you need to check the actual situation of the company more firmly.




Also, even if the address is listed, the place of business might not be there. you should go there and check for yourself.

Always check.



2 · Confirm whether model project record is described


If the actual results of the model project are properly stated, are there any jobs that you would like to do in the actual collection? It is an important point for selecting an office.

You need to check to see if the company have quality work and good pay.


Even a model office, depending on the office there are good and weak points in model work you are seeking.



Or, if your not  sure the model achievement collection on the website, is the model office  belonging a proper model? If even the profile of the model is not up on the homepage, let’s think it is suspicious.







  1. I actually try to inquire

    Let’s ask questions that your wondering about. inquiring by telephone or e-mail when you apply.


If they answer your questions carefully or are kind enough to respond, it seems that way of work is also surely the same. However, since there are cases where it is aimed at registration or paying  registration fee, so let’s check it out carefully as well.



Before having an interview, what kind of office is the model office ?

■ What kind of work does the office offer.?
■ How is the reputation of the office.
■ What model belongs to the office.

It is important to check thoroughly.



■ Does the office have the experience of the requested job content?

■Is the image of the model being sought close to the model posted on the website?

It is also an important point of choosing an office.





If there is a high registration fee and tuition fee
Probably the company will not make a profit in the workplace.
It may have been completed by collecting registration fee and tuition fee from the model.


Companies with a lot of work often do not charge registration fees and lesson fees, but even if it costs, the burden on the model is often reduced as much as possible.

In case

There are many model offices in Japan, so it is important to search thoroughly on the net.once you completed your research of all the other model agencies, feel free to give us a call.



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