Our model office show you beautiful walking skills and techniques

Look at the pictures below.Which one applies to you?


There’s time while in walking through the city and ill notice a beautiful woman, great face and body but her walk and posture is no good.her walking style took away all the beauty that she its very important to walk correctly and have good body balance.


Perhaps it is … It may be yourself.

Have you checked your way of walking?
I will say that most people havent.
maybe walking while watching yourself from the mirror or window!

How is your way of walking from others?

Perhaps it is actually a bad way to walk, but maybe it is only yourself  ?! 

Let’s check your own way of walking again here so that there is not such a thing!


Lesson 1★First of all, try to grasp the body to a flat wall.

■ Points: The back of the head, shoulders, hips, calves, heels are attached to the wall perfectly.
Please keep this posture when walking.


Lesson 2 ★ Let’s  walk one step before leaving that posture.

■ Points: Is the knee stretched firmly on the leg at that time? Is the neck more unbalanced than body? the neck needs to be more erected.



Lesson 3 ★ Let’s get out one step further.

■ Points: walk with an image like kicking the ground with your toes. Please be conscious of your lower abdomen. (When the consciousness is given to the lower abdomen, the back muscle stretches, and the upper half body with a forward looking feeling becomes a posture conscious of the spine)


Lesson 4 ★ Let’s walk a few steps inside the room.

■ Point 1: The same posture and way of walking and the same arm that you carry your luggage are probably those with distortion of the body left and right side. For example, if the right shoulder is rising, the pelvis is also going up.

Also, some people have only one leg. Since the body is connected from the top of the head to the toes of the feet, left and right distortion arises from everyday life. However, by putting emphasis on your stomach, you can stretch your back straight and make it look beautiful as much as you can.

■ Point 2: Do you swing your arm too much? Or have you been swinging either the left or the right
Please be conscious of the feeling like pulling behind the arms rather than conscious of giving out in front.
Pull up the inside of the groove.


■ Point 3: Dont bend the knees while walking.Please be conscious that you do not bend the knees while walking just keep them straight down.)



■ Point 4: Just focus on walking on an imaginary straight line.

People who can’t do it may look like a men.



Just walking beautifully will make your posture better, and your legs become thinner and beautiful. Because it uses each muscle as it is, it becomes a beautiful leggs.

The model walking that the model is doing is not a special walk. It is a way of walking that anyone can do with consciousness.



As the way of walking becomes beautiful, the appearance of walking and your presence also looks beautiful.
You can change yourself if consciousness changes.
When a woman is born, it is something everyone wants to become beautiful certainly.

With the above lessons in mind, rhythm well, you feel like becoming a model,
Let’s practice in the city now!



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