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I want this blog to be read by those who are likely to lose by the corona virus.

The world has been invaded by the new coronavirus.

The world has become such an era, environment and situation.


Everyone in the world has turned into quarantine mode,

and the usual daily lives have disappeared.

Little by little, the economy has became more uncertain,

More time will not be able to satisfy the desire for fun,

More people are becoming frustrated.

Suddenly I was placed in a situation where I could not see the future.



Everyone has their own ideas,

It’s been 25 years since I ran a model promotion girl agency.

I’ve been in this situation for over a month now,

There is something I want to convey to our personnel.


If you suddenly lose your job and are lost

To raise the product value of oneself in this situation now.

I think this is the only one.

I’m not an economic critic,

so what will happen to the world economy

and Japan’s economy in the future?

I can’t read,


For 25 years, the feeling that I have been involved in this event industry is

Even if the corona is about to end,

To return to the situation like two months ago,

I assume that it will take terrible time.

Use our models and companions

Manufacturers, retailers, etc.

How long will it take for any business to sell?

Reduce labor costs.

The event industry like us

I was in a good condition like this one

We assume that it will take a considerable amount of time to return.

That is why

I have something I want everyone to do now.

It’s been spent this time now

To increase the value of your product.

That is also a job properly.


We have entered an era in which only people with commercial value survive.

Even now, even amateurs such as Youtube, zoom and live distribution,
There are contents that can be expressed even
by people without name recognition.

In the present era, there is content that can be

transmitted to all over the world.
And it’s free.

Express your value.
It’s very important.

As a speaker,
As a dancer,
As a yoga teacher,
As an instructor of something,

Even if you have nothing to express yourself
You only have your own
You can heal your opponent,

Create a place where you can feel at ease,

Make time that the other person thinks is fun,

There is always a personality that only that person can do.

I may be the only one not aware of it,

I want you to notice.

Companies want people with high commercial value.

The same was true of influencers a long time ago.

How about now?

Appointed Instagram influencers with 50,000 or 100,000 followers
Even if you advertise the product,

It is said that it does not lead to sales profit so much,

Previously, the quotes for influencer advertising costs were
It was said that “1 follower is 3-4 yen”,

Now that amount is also drastically decreasing.

There are remarkable changes in the times.


A rabbit,

Now, increase the product value of your own,
The coronavirus is over,

When the world economy started to turn around,

“I want to collaborate with you on our products”

It’s about becoming someone you think.

Official live distribution of Chanoir Office

The content called this live distribution is
It ’s a perfect place to express yourself

As an official live (differentiated from amateurs),
You can earn an hourly wage,
There are also bonuses.

I don’t want you to misunderstand
The work you do for money does not continue.

It’s worth doing.

I want you to work to find your worth.

That is something I would like to say to our employees,
If you work every month for money,
I want you to resign now.

Work should be something that you seek and create for yourself.

Our company, as soon as the coronavirus developed in the world,

It happened to contact the business

With a company that deals with content such as official live and Youtube,

I signed up for the contract on that day.

Really it happens,
There are dozens of sales contacts via email and phone every day,
I happened to be in the office
I just picked up the phone.

If no coronavirus has developed,
First of all, I never answer the phone of the company,
Even if someone in the company connects the sales contact to me
I think I would have gone through.

Perhaps it was destined now.

I thought at that time.

Profession of model and promotion girl …

It may be old.

Even if the coronavirus is over.

Even if the coronavirus is over,


The business I’ve done is

It will be old in the future.

I feel that the times are changing.

We have 1500 people.

The Japanese and foreigners from 45 countries have stated that 1500 people are enrolled in our company.

What should we do with these people from now on?

Increase the product value of each person’s individuality!

Only this came out the answer.

I listened to the salesman who came to our company,

Now, even if you don’t have the name recognition, just express yourself and broadcast live
Hourly wages occur!

And it can be delivered not as a general live stream, but as an official live show like the entertainers!
A long time ago, the image of the women who delivered live was:
Perhaps it was like the telephone club that was popular in Japan.

But now, entertainers and artists infiltrate timelessly
It is content.

As you all know,
Youtuber does not get an hourly rate.

It takes too long to make money on Youtube.

However, the live distribution does not have to be so particular about the place and content,

Express yourself and earn an hourly wage.

I am now,
Besides our models and promotional girls who are lost

People who have been doing one thing in a straight line
I am trying to reform into a company that can support those who want to make expression a job.

We support those who want to distribute as an official live.

ChatNoir Moel Agency

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