Popular rental costumes

Costumes for events and parties are the best rented!

Indeed, it becomes easy to rent almost everything at present time. As for rental costumes, it is in general not that expensive. Besides, it starts at only 2500 yen/day in our agency.

Thinking about the usage, it sometimes seems better to consider this option rather than buying a costume over 10 000 yen that you would wear very occasionally (even just once), would have to pay for the cleaning fee, would have to stock the outfit at home whereas you have no empty space…

The rental costume service is the key!

So we are introducing here our Top 10 of the most popular outfits in case one day you would have the opportunity to use our service for an event, a party… 

First of all…

1)Our sexy and close-fitting red dress

The back, decollete and belly are quite visible with this flattering outfit that highlights the body’s curves.

As the decollete makes the outfit sexy, if it seems to much for you, the key is to add some large accessories with it. 

The back of the dress is also almost backless

Rental service :  Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service

2)Our basic white dress with knee length

This dress can be even more highlighted with a belt or a scarf for example.

But even without any accessory, this dress is very nice.
Besides, instead of a belt or a scarf, you can also put on a jacket with it.

Rental service :  Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service

3)Our red dress with pearls

This red dress brings an elegant touch.

A string of pearls is encrusted on the top of the chest. 

Rental service :  Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service

4)Our white dress with ribbon

This large white dress with a ribbon belt brings the femininity out.

It is also possible to replace the white ribbon by a belt and scarf.

By changing the color of the belt, you can match the colors of your accessories and shoes. It can match with the mood of the moment too.

Our white knee-length tight skirt dress

Although it is sleeveless, it is safe even in air-conditioned rooms because of the thick fabric.

It is also available in light blue as below. 

There is a zipper in the back.

Rental service :  Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service

6)Our popular ceremony & exhibition uniform

The decollete line is in see-through fabric. The bright orange color makes the dress attractive. A white belt and bolero can be added too.

Even just changing the color of the belt gives a slightly different impression.

Rental service :  Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service

7)Our Fairy-like long white dress

Depending on your hairstyle, the impression you give with the dress is slightly different.

This long dress and can be worn on Spring, Summer and Fall.

This dress is see-through from the decollete to the arm.

Rental service : Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service

8)Navy blue business suit

It is a Winter suit because the fabric is solid. Great success in business!

It gives a chic image thanks to larger button.

Rental service :  Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service

9)Our popular cosplay uniform

This is a CA-style costume with a hat. You can increase your popularity with this one!

However, as there is no inner provided, you would have to use your own. Moreover, the scarf is relatively large.

Rental service :  Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service


10)Our wedding (after) party dress

The design is simple so it fits in many places and the key element is the ribbon here. This is ideal for summer as the fabric is thin.

A black version is also available. 

Rental service :  Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service

Just like that, the article is over.

Hope that this one was useful and that it will help you to find THE outfit you would need in case you plan to rent something on our website someday.

Anyway, there is no doubt that the rental demand will increase in the future…


Chat Noir, the Talents & Models Agency

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