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Why do we have many overseas transactions?


Although we are in Japan, overseas transactions continue to increase year by year.
Let me tell you a bit about that mechanism.

It dates back more than five years ago.

What is going to happen to our business in the future?


And myself, what do you want to do in the future?


■ I would like to continue the company
■ I want to increase revenue sales more
■ I want to increase the number of employees
■ I want to take on more work

Everyone should think so if you are a manager.
However, in Japan, securing human resources becomes more and more difficult.




Also, do you know the survival rate percentage after establishing a Japanese company?

• After 1 year: 40%
• After 5 years: 15%
• After 10 years: 6%





For example, only 10 companies have founded 100 companies, and only 6 companies remain.

Moreover, it will be after 20 years …

The survival rate is less than 1%, it is 0.3%.

It is the fact that there are only three companies remaining in 1000 companies.



You can understand how difficult it is to run a company by looking at these figures.

Under such circumstances, our company will celebrate its 23rd year in service this year.
This is truly a blessing and thanks.

I myself am going to run a company, it was 23 years which has passed like a storm.


From now on, our company will have to continue making more and more efforts toward the 30th anniversary.
As described above, why did our overseas transactions increase in recent years?

Surely you guys are interested in that.

Let’s talk about that mechanism for a while.

that is,

However, I was not able to miss the waves of the times, just to say that I continued to work with that feeling alone.

I will exhaust this two.

I forecasted our future diagram five years ago.

Among them,




■ I would like to continue the company
■ I want to increase revenue sales more
■ I want to increase the number of employees
■ I want to take on more work

In order to make the above mechanism,

As a new business development,

■ Overseas transaction

It was in mind.



It may be the reason why I like to travel abroad was also accelerating these things.

Every year, I visited overseas once or twice,
If it could go on business, it is wonderful …

I made an effort every day with reality in mind to realize that.



In fact, contrary to the prediction that our overseas business trip will increase, foreign customers came to Japan,
Although it brought about an unexpected result that the work of inbound increased.

One of them,

■ Website creation in English
■ Advertisement in English

I felt that the website would become the best sales tool in the future.

And in the middle of my head I always had these two.

There are many ways of advertising.



First of all, it is PPC and SEO measures.
PPC is an abbreviation for Pay per click, which means “click charging type”.
In essence, it will be charged every time you click it.



SEO is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization”, which means search engine optimization. We call a series of initiatives to expose more web sites in search results as “SEO measures”.

I also learned that PPC does not mean that I only need to spend money while studying.
How important it is to catch on the search keyword is important.

SEO was more difficult for an IT amatuer like me.
I still do not understand well.
I am trial and error.

SEO is a homepage on which search keywords and pictures are shown, a homepage on which they are organized, and it distributes useful contents, not only increases the value of the site viewed from search engines, but also provides high value for users It is an evaluation of SEO whether you are running a site that can be done.

This requires a lot of knowledge and experience, and it can be said that both time and effort are required at the same time, but it can be said that if you succeed it you can get a big return, but with expertise It would be most efficient to ask people.



Although our company has not been able to prepare PPC and SEO measures yet,
Still little by little, customers are increasingly requested from overseas customers, including Japanese models, foreigners models, hostesses and foreign language hostesses, narrator and race queen.
Although it does not inflate greatly, performance is gradually increasing.



We are expecting more and more global customers from now on towards the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, and our human resources such as our model, hostess, interpreter hostess, narrator etc have also traditionally made Japanese and traditional manners of Japan I feel that I must educate people as much as possible



Model offices like ours exist in all areas mainly in Tokyo and Osaka, even in Japan.
The purpose of our work is to make the customer satisfied instead of the scale of our annual sales.
It is a prerequisite to offer the service pursuing what the customer is seeking and to be pleased with the service that was rendered.




As a result, our repeat rate has risen year by year.
I am pleased from the bottom of my heart and also that I’m able to work all over the world.
While it is multinational, multicultural and multilingual, the task of leading customers to success towards the same purpose is very interesting, and we have a sense of accomplishments than anything else.


And, in order for us to offer better to our customers, we should be a company that can provide high quality talented personnel and skilled personnel.
From now on, Japan should aim for globalization more and more,
We should pursue the services that overseas companies are looking for.


We will continue to devote ourselves to hospitality for overseas customers without forgetting our philosophy.




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