Challenging International Models! 3 recommended study methods (male and female)


Even if you want to try modeling abroad, you may feel uneasy.
Our image of male and female models overseas is more “cool” than “cute” as in Japan.

To find out how you can become active in overseas modeling agencies, we would like to introduce three easy study methods that we recommend to those who are interested in doing so.

Method #1: Read books/books by fashion models

The first thing we recommend is to read books/books written by top fashion models.
Models who are at the forefront of the world are overwhelmingly different from ordinary models in their mentality and mindset first of all.
Their attitude in daily life, the way they keep their minds in order, their healthy diet…all of these things are on a different level from the average model.
However, there are only a few books written by fashion models, and they are not easy to find.

Among them, I would like to recommend “The Law of Beauty (2020/3/12)” by Ai Tominaga.

In “The Law of Beauty,” Ai Tominaga, who is one of the world’s top models, introduces in detail in the following seven lessons the essential attitudes for models, such as “what top models have in common,” “how to eat beautifully,” and “self management to make dreams come true.

Although Ms. Tominaga is a female model, this book is also recommended for men who aspire to be international models, as it contains important points common to male models as well.

LESSON 1: What it takes to be beautiful
LESSON 2: How to create an aura of beauty
LESSON3: The Best Body Line
LESSON 4: The Ultimate Beauty Time
LESSON 5: Dietary Techniques to Become Beautiful from the Inside Out
LESSON6: What is important for working women to shine
LESSON7: Self-Management to Achieve Your Dreams

Before and after reading this book, your way of thinking as a model will change drastically. I recommend this book to all models, male or female.

Method #2 : Look at composites from overseas model agencies

A “composite” is a profile card containing multiple photos, which is indispensable for a model’s activities, and is sometimes referred to as a “comp card” overseas.
Usually, overseas model agencies publish composites and works on their model introduction pages, and by looking at the photos, you can learn what kind of models are active locally and what kind of models are in demand.

Method #3: Watch Youtube videos of overseas fashion weeks

Many videos of overseas (New York, Paris, Milan, etc.) fashion weeks are available on Youtube.
By watching such videos of fashion weeks, you will be able to get an image of overseas models.
Here are some videos.

【WOMEN】CHANEL | Fall Winter 2022/2023 | Paris Fashion Week

【WOMEN】Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2022-2023

【MEN】Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring-Summer 2023 Show | LOUIS VUITTON

【MEN】The Dior Winter 2022-2023 Men’s Show

To conclude

We have compiled a list of study methods that we recommend for those who want to try their hand at modeling overseas.

It is important to first see with your own eyes and get an idea of what kind of mindset and attitude successful international models have as they tackle the job of modeling, and what kind of models are actually active overseas.

Nowadays, you can access a lot of information on the Internet and in books while you are in Japan, so please make the most of it.

Chat Noir, the Model Agency

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10 ways models can take care of their physical and mental health overseas

It is very important to keep your body and mind in good shape while staying abroad. However, due to the unusual environment, there will be some people who will lose their lifestyle. Therefore, in this issue, we would like to introduce some tips for overseas models to keep both body and mind in good shape while working locally.

Barriers to Modeling Abroad

When modeling abroad, it is difficult to get used to living in a different environment than usual.
The hotels and apartments you stay in, the stores you visit when you go out, the food you eat, and everything else will be different from your daily life.
If this happens, you may find that your lifestyle is disrupted and your modeling activities are hindered, even though you have come all the way overseas to take on this challenge.

The biggest risk is a collapse of mind and body.
Once you are swamped by a lifestyle breakdown, there is no easy way out.
If you go to an audition, casting, or filming in an unhealthy state, you will not get good results.
In the worst case scenario, you may end up “not getting any work at all and having to return home.

You will lose money and confidence…
If you return to Japan without a job, you will only have to pay more money, and you may feel like “Oh… if this is the case, I should have never gone abroad.
If you don’t get any work, you may lose confidence and think, “Maybe I’m not cut out to be a model…” and give up on your career as an international model.

How to take care of yourself to avoid falling into a negative state

To prevent this from happening, you need to take care of yourself on a daily basis.

What is the most effective way to take care of oneself in an unfamiliar environment?

Here are a few ways…


Care Method #1 : Go to a park and exercise
Every country has parks, large and small. Try to get some physical exercise there.
For example, just going for a light jog, stretching, or working out and sweating will make you feel more positive.

Care Method #2 : Enjoy the outdoors
In addition to parks, there may be other places where you can enjoy the outdoors.
For example, in the case of Hong Kong, hiking and mountain climbing are very popular.
In some countries or regions, you may also be able to go to the beach and enjoy swimming.

Care Method #3 : Enjoy the country’s unique cuisine
Enjoying a meal is also a good way to refresh yourself.
Rather than staying in your room and eating the same food, try visiting different restaurants and enjoying meals that can only be enjoyed in that country.
Just don’t overeat, so don’t forget to exercise and train. LOL!

Care Method #4 : Go to a training gym
If you have some money to spare, it is a good idea to go to a local gym.
If you go to a gym, you will find people training with you, which will help motivate you.
The famous Anytime Fitness has locations all over the world (and of course in Japan as well), so if you can afford the time, we recommend signing up in Japan and entering a local gym.

Care Method #5 : Make friends with models
It is also very important to make friends with models.
If you are working alone, you may feel more anxious than necessary, but conversing with fellow models will free you from such anxieties.
It is also a great way to learn English, which is a great advantage for those who are not good at English.

Care Method #6 : Be curious anyway
In a new environment, it is important to be curious about everything around you.
Try to enjoy everything: food, sightseeing, shopping, friendships, experiencing different cultures, and so on.
If you enjoy the environment you are in, it will have a positive effect on your mental health, and you will achieve good results in auditions and photo shoots.

NG Behaviors International Models Should Not Do


NG Behavior #1 : Not going out
The biggest NG behavior is to stay in your room all the time.
If you are in Japan, you will have various plans for part-time jobs and private life, but overseas, you will have no plans except for filming and auditions.
If you stay in your room, your mind and body will become dark, and this will affect your work as well.

NG Behavior #2 : Acting alone all the time
It is not necessary to be with someone all the time, but try to interact with others locally as much as possible.
Similar to “not going out,” the more time you spend alone, the less opportunity you have to vent your inner self, and this will show itself in your mood.
Create a positive atmosphere by creating opportunities to free yourself to some extent.

NG Behavior #3: Repeating the same behavior every day
Repeating the same behavior every day is also prohibited.
Going to the same places, eating the same food, looking at the same information… Life becomes a rut, and the mind gradually becomes exhausted.
Try to refresh your mind by experiencing new places, new food, and new information as much as possible!

NG Behavior #4 : Not exercising or training
Not moving your body on a regular basis is another NG behavior.
Try to go to parks or sports facilities to exercise and stretch your body.
When your living environment changes, there is a risk that your body shape may change from your original shape, so you need to take better care of yourself than when you are in Japan.

As a conclusion


If you go to live abroad in an environment that is unusual and unfamiliar to you, there is a risk that your rhythm will be easily disrupted and your body and mind will be affected.

To avoid such a situation, it is important to be aware of self-care on a daily basis.

Keep your mind and body healthy and you will be successful in your life as an overseas model!

Chat Noir, The Model Agency

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Modeling in Hong Kong – Money, Types of Work, etc.

The biggest concern when trying international modeling is whether or not you will be successful? The biggest concern when trying to model abroad is whether or not you will succeed.
When it comes to modeling, Europe is the place to be! However, the types of work and the size of the rewards differ from country to country.

In this article, we will introduce modeling in Hong Kong as an example.

Modeling in Hong Kong
There are several characteristics of modeling in Hong Kong.

(1) Compensation
One of the main characteristics of Hong Kong is that the remuneration for work is high, so much so that it is said to be “one order of magnitude higher than work in Japan.
For this reason, models come from all over the world to stay in Hong Kong for several months and work as migrant workers.
There are also models who succeed in getting work in Hong Kong and use the money to try their luck in European countries.

(2) Quality of photo shoots
Along with the high remuneration, the quality of the shoots is also high.
In Hong Kong, there is a strong image of spending a lot of money on each shoot, and the quality of the finished work is also high.
Therefore, working in Hong Kong is an efficient way to build up a work record.

(3) Types of Work
In Hong Kong, there is a lot of work mainly in the “financial” advertising field, such as banking, insurance, and real estate.
Also, since there are many global companies in Hong Kong, the work track record of these companies is quite good.
Therefore, Hong Kong is an attractive country for models who want to be successful as advertising models.

(4) Models who are active in Hong Kong
Models working in Hong Kong are not only local models but also come from all over the world.
For example, there are many Asian models from China, Korea, and Japan, as well as European models.
You can interact and exchange information with models from all over the world, so it is an environment where you can grow both as a model and as a person.

(5) Amount of work
Depending on the agency you belong to, you will have auditions called castings.
In many cases, you may have two castings a day, or five or more a week. In Japan, some people only need to get in once a week, but in Hong Kong, you may have a much better chance of getting a job.
Therefore, there are many models who get a lot of work and return home with more money than when they entered the country.

Advantages of Modeling in Hong Kong


Attractive point #1: Close to Japan
First of all, it is very close to Japan.
Airfare is currently around 50,000 yen as of November 2022, and travel time is only 3 to 4 hours, so the hurdle to travel is very low.
It is easy to access not only Japan but also other Asian countries, so it is easy to go to another country from Hong Kong.

Attractive point #2: There are many locations where you can relax
Hong Kong is famous for sightseeing, and there are many attractive spots where you can go on private tours.
Casting day after day can be mentally exhausting, so it is important to take a break every once in a while.
I would like to introduce more attractive spots in another article.

Attractive point #3: Relatively pro-Japanese & foreigners-friendly
Hong Kong is famous for being relatively pro-Japanese. This makes the local people friendly to Japanese people and makes life easy for them.
Other famous pro-Japanese countries include Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore, so choosing such a country to model in may be an option.

Attractive point #4: Enjoyable dining
One of the attractions of Hong Kong is that you can enjoy the food.
While it is important not to eat too much in order to keep in shape, being able to enjoy gourmet food in between castings and photo shoots is one of the attractions of Hong Kong.
If you don’t like the local food, don’t worry, there are plenty of Japanese & international restaurants in Hong Kong.

Attractive point #5: There are many places where you can exercise.
After a meal, training and exercise are essential, and Hong Kong has many places where you can move your body.
For example, there are many mountains where you can hike, a seaside promenade where you can go jogging, basketball courts, and many small parks.
Hong Kong may have the image of being a “small country,” but there is no shortage of places to exercise and get moving.

Summary of model life in Hong Kong


In this article, we have introduced in detail the modeling lifestyle in Hong Kong.
When it comes to modeling abroad, there are many countries to choose from, but trying it out in Hong Kong is one of the options.

If you are thinking, “I want to go abroad, but I don’t want to go too far!”, please consider trying Hong Kong.

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How to challenge an overseas agency as a model ( in Hong Kong )

If you are a model, you may have at one time or another wanted to try your hand overseas or work for an international modeling agency, let’s have a look at this article.

When we think of overseas, cities such as London, Paris, and Milan come to mind, but there are many countries and regions outside of these cities where you can try your hand as a model.

In this article, we will introduce the process of working with a modeling agency in Hong Kong.

Things you must first do to prepare before attempting international modeling


#1 : Passport

This seems obvious for many of you, but those who have no experience abroad often do not have a passport, so be sure to have your passport ready as soon as possible.

#2 : Creating a Composite (model portfolio)

This is also a must. A composite is a profile photo book consisting of one main photo and four to nine sub photos, so to speak, that serves as a “model’s business card. It is also sometimes referred to as a “comp card” overseas.

In many cases these days, the photos you post on Instagram are also important, so be sure to scrutinize the photos you post on Instagram and make sure they are ready to use as a composite as well.


(1) Funds for covering overseas expenses

There is no better way to live on the outside than to have funds for your activities. In addition to hotel, apartment, and food expenses, you may need to buy clothes for auditions or get a haircut.

However, in Hong Kong, some agencies give models an advance allowance called “pocket money. The market rate is usually around 500 to 1,000 HKD (8,000 to 17,000 Yen) per week.

If you cut back on food and other expenses, you can make a living, and if you get a job in the area, you can earn a large amount of money.

(2) English conversation at the junior high school level

Although it is not impossible to speak English, we do not recommend that you give up going abroad because you do not speak English.

If you are an attractive model, you can get a job even if you do not speak English fluently. Also, they will speak to you according to your language level to some extent, so it will not hinder your work.

In fact, it is much more important to gain experience abroad so that you can hone your English skills and become comfortable speaking English with people from other countries.

Attractiveness of working for a modeling agency in Hong Kong


Attraction #1 : The quality of work is high!
The quality of work in Hong Kong is far higher than in Japan. They spend a good amount of money on the budget spent on the shoot and on the model’s costume and makeup.
This creates a virtuous cycle that makes it easier to get new work because the quality of the finished photos is high and can be used as composite photos.

Attractive point #2 : Higher budgets (remuneration)!
Compared to Japan, the remuneration for modeling work in Hong Kong is much higher. It is said that “one digit is different” or “one zero is more,” and that work at the tens of thousands of yen level in Japan can pay hundreds of thousands of yen in Hong Kong.
For this reason, models from all over the world come to Hong Kong to “dekasegi” for short periods of time, from 3 months to 1 year. The money saved there may be enough to challenge other Asian countries or even Europe.

Attractiveness #3 : Foreigners-friendly and multinational!
This is somewhat unrelated to modeling, but Hong Kong tends to be kind to Japanese & international people in general. This makes it relatively easy to live in Hong Kong, not only for modeling, but also for everyday life.
Also, Hong Kong is a multinational country, so people come from all over the world, not just from Asia. Therefore, it is a big advantage to be able to interact with models from various countries and make friends with them.

Tips for working as a model in Hong Kong


Point #1 : Interact and connect with various models!
In Hong Kong, you will have to participate in auditions called “castings” to get work. In Hong Kong, you will attend auditions called “castings” and try to get work, but it is also recommended that you make contacts with other models as well.
The reason for this is that you will not know many people abroad, so you will spend a lot of time alone. If this happens, you may lose your energy, and if you do not get work again, you may feel more depressed than necessary.
To avoid this, make sure you have a few more modeling friends. Eating meals together or going on leisure activities can be a refreshing change of pace. You will also be able to exchange meaningful work information.

Point #2 : Training every day!
There are many fitness gyms in Hong Kong. Among them, there are many “Anytime Fitness,” which is famous in Japan, and we recommend that you train there regularly.
Many models in Hong Kong (especially Asian models) work out on a regular basis and have a strong presence at auditions because of their large muscle mass. Therefore, if they have little muscle mass, they may not be able to show their presence and may not be able to get work.
On the other hand, training on a regular basis and having your body made up will definitely give you confidence and an advantage at auditions. We recommend that you train regularly with your fellow models.

Point #3 : Enjoy Hong Kong!
Although you are only going abroad to work as a model, we recommend that you do some sightseeing and have a change of scenery.
Almost without exception, models who are active are very curious. We recommend that you take an interest in various places, nature, stores, and experiences on a regular basis, and experience all the pleasures of Hong Kong during your stay.
If you stay alone in your hotel or apartment, you will inevitably feel down. So, take in the fresh air and be on the offensive to make the most of your model life in Hong Kong.

In conclusion


For models who want to try overseas, going to Hong Kong now is a great opportunity. There are many models who have given up trying to go abroad because of Corona.

In this sense, there are few rivals, so it is relatively easy to get a job if you try going abroad now.
Once the Corona scandal is over and anyone can go abroad, you will be surrounded by rivals, and it will be difficult to join an overseas office. Now is always the time to take a chance, so take the challenge as soon as you think of it.

If you are a model who wants to join an overseas office or take on an overseas challenge, please do not hesitate to contact Chat Noir. We will help you to advance to an overseas office through a free consultation.

Chat Noir, the model agency

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List of Major Modeling Agencies in Hong Kong – The Challenge of Modeling Abroad

There are many modeling agencies in Hong Kong, and many international models are active in the city.

In particular, there are many Asian models from Japan, Korea, Thailand, and other Asian countries, as well as models from European countries such as Russia, Spain, and Poland.

So in this issue, we would like to introduce a few modeling agencies that have a large number of international models working with them.



QUEST is one of the largest modeling agencies in Hong Kong. It is believed to have the largest number of castings (auditions), and has a large number of local models as well as international models.

The main office is located in Wan Chai, in Hong Kong Island, but the firm also has a branch in Guangzhou, China, which is not far from Hong Kong.

Japanese models belonging to QUEST


→ If you want to become an international model, click on the button below for help.


PRIMO is one of the largest agencies in Hong Kong along with QUEST.

Originally from the Elite Model group, one of the world’s largest modeling agencies, PRIMO has a wealth of casting projects too.

Because the agency actively scouts for international models, it has a large number of international models, and in particular, many Asian models, such as Korean and Japanese, are members.

The office is conveniently located in Sheung Wan, on Hong Kong Island.

Japanese models belonging to PRIMO

Kemmei Watanabe(MAN)
Myu Kuromiya(WOMAN)

→ If you want to become an international model, click on the button below for help.

3.Elite Model Management Asia

Elite Model is the Asian division of Elite, one of the world’s most successful modeling agencies.

Along with QUEST and PRIMO, it is a leader firm, especially for models of European background.

Japanese models are fewer in number but currently include Kota Kawase, a professional soccer player in Hong Kong.

The office is located in Wong Chuk Hang, the southern part of Hong Kong Island, very close to Ocean Park.

Japanese models belonging to ELITE

Kota Kawase(MAN)

→ If you want to become an international model, click on the button below for help.

WE MANAGEMENT(ウィ マネジメント)


WE MANAGEMENT is a relatively new model agency, actively scouting for international models. The agency has a well-known BOOKER service in Hong Kong, and also holds castings for major companies’ advertisements and fashion brands.

It is distinctive for its extensive support for models, with a significant number of models from not only Asia, but also Europe.

The office is located between Sheung Wan and Sai Ying Pun on Hong Kong Island, overlooking the sea.

Japanese models belonging to WE MANAGEMENT


→ If you want to become an international model, click on the button below for help.

5.M1 (Model ONE)

Model ONE is another of Hong Kong’s leading modeling agencies, with a plethora of casting assignments.

Many of its castings are advertising-related, and it provides models for advertisements for major banks and real estate companies, including HSBC.

Especially in 2022, Japanese actor Yuichi Haga served as a model for a number of advertisements.

The office, like QUEST, is located in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island.

Japanese models belonging to M1

Yuichi Haga(MAN)

→ If you want to become an international model, click on the button below for help.

Summary of modeling agencies in Hong Kong

There are many modeling agencies in Hong Kong where Japanese models are active, and opportunities are rolling in. Hong Kong is also one of the pro-Japan countries, making it an easy place for Japanese to work.

Therefore, if you would like to challenge abroad but still have concerns, Chat Noir can support you in every way possible. Not limited to Hong Kong, we can support you to challenge in many places, such as Singapore, Taiwan, and even Europe or the U.S.

So if you definitely want to try overseas, please use the form below to contact us!

Chat Noir, the modeling agency

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Promotional models from Tokyo Game Show 2022

Well! People have been waiting for so long!

Japan’s largest game exhibition, “Tokyo Game Show” in Makuhari Messe is back!

It’s been three years since the Covid-19 made it hard for gamers to meet offline, but this year the show is about to get underway!  

The Business Days will be held on September 15 and 16, and the Public Days will be held after 14:00 on the 16th, and on the 17th and 18th for a total of 4 days.  

They are expecting about 150,000 visitors, but visitors will be looking for more than just games right!?

Of course, yes! No game show could be held without the flamboyance of these beautiful girls (and guys too)!  

Ta-da !!

This little cutie is waiting for you at the XPERIA booth!

Xperia Booth

You can meet a lot of promotional models on site!

The uniforms are really cute too ~~~~💛 !!  

Cluster Booth

The picture above has been taken in the cluster booth.

And as you can notice, in Japan it is still common to live using masks, so it is really sad to notice that those beauties’ faces are still hidden by masks for now…

Masked model

Recently, the gaming industry seems to be making more and more use of the “Metaverse,” the virtual space on the Internet.

So don’t you think the increase in the number of booths in the Metaverse field a major difference from three years ago?  

The metaverse is everywhere

Anyways, no matter what you like in the show, if you have time, please come visit us and enjoy the latest games with cute promotional models at your side for this special expected event ☆!!  


Regarding the venue, it will be held at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Halls 1-8 and the International Conference Hall (Business Meeting Area).

In addition to major game makers, manufacturers of VR goggles such as Meta Quest and Pico Technology Japan, communication tools and metaverse platforms such as Discord and Cluster will also have booths.  

However, in order to limit the number of people in the venue from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus, tickets for the general public will be sold in a predetermined number each day, and only in advance online.

No same-day tickets will be sold at the venue.

Laslty, on the afternoon of September 16, the second Business Day, general visitors are allowed to enter the venue, which may be a good spot since it is a workday comparatively speaking.  

We hope anyway that you will be able to come and enjoy this incredible exhibition!  

Chat Noir Team

Chat Noir, Talents & Models Agency

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Becoming a successful model

To become a model, first you need to register with an agency!

Choosing a modeling agency is also very important.
Check out their websites and social networking sites to see what kind of models they are working with.

And let’s just say that you have found a modeling agency that you have always wanted to work for!

Then, will the modeling jobs start coming in just like this?

Off course, the answer is no!

Let’s explain how the process works until a model gets a chance to work.

1) The modeling agency will send a composite (a one or two page(s) condensed portfolio) of the model for the screening process.

This composite includes in general photos and main information about the model like his/her body measurements.

2) After the document screening, the auditions.

Some jobs have auditions, some other ones have not. In case, there are no auditioning, the screening is based only on the previous profile(s) selection. In some cases, instead of a real audition, a video audition is held in which you are asked to shoot a video on a given subject matter.
No matter how hard you try or how much you want to sell yourself at an audition, if you do not pass the document screening, you cannot even go to the audition.

3) The model selection

Once clients have checked it all, they finally make their decision and the mission is confirmed with the model(s).

In addition, most modeling agencies now have their own websites and post photos of their models online.

Sometimes clients will look up a modeling agency, see what models they have, and ask for the models by name.

In such cases, the work is very smooth because there is no selection process among the many models available.

As I’m sure you all know by now that there is no better way to get a chance to work as a model with excellent photographs, which are more important than anything else.

This photograph determines more than 90% of your work.

If you keep using photos that were taken years ago, or if you are just using photos that you think are just fine, it will be difficult for you to be hired as a model.

Moreover, if you are asked to smile naturally in front of the camera, how do you expect to make a natural smile? Can you make a natural smile all of a sudden?

A professional model is able to immediately express the mood and facial expression that he or she is asked to do in front of a camera.

A cute, bashful smile, a smile that conveys an atmosphere of happiness, a natural smile, and a smile that is not too big or too small can all make a big difference in the impression you make on people.

Even a single smile can make a different impression on people.

In order to cultivate your ability to express yourself, practice looking in the mirror and making different facial expressions.

It is also very important to ask someone close to you to take some pictures of you and look at them objectively to see how you are in the eyes of others.

These efforts will definitely bear fruit and lead to a variety of offers.

Hair and makeup can also give a different impression.
It is better to take and select photos with the intention of presenting what you can express in different ways for the composite.

If you are already a member of a modeling agency but are not getting much work, you should take a look at your photos again.

Why don’t you take another look at your photos?

The person you see with your own eyes and the person others see with theirs may give a surprisingly different impact.
It is also a good idea to talk to managers of the modeling agencies and ask for advice on what kind of photos you should take and what kind of photos you should put on your portfolio…

You may also want to seek advice from someone who knows you well, such as a family member, lover, or close friend to get different points of view.

Re-evaluate your attractiveness and your photos, and you will be a model in no time!

Chat Noir supports and encourages you all to do so!

Chat Noir, Talents & Models Agency

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Recommended model agencies (2022 edition)

What kind of work models do once enrolled in an agency?

When you think of modeling, magazines, fashion shows, and TV commercials tend to come to mind.

In addition, there are many models for product packaging and catalogs who are chosen as corporate models and used in store advertisements, etc. Furthermore, in an era when everything can be searched for on the Internet, there have been many web-based modeling jobs, such as WEBCM lately.

Other modeling jobs include new product release events and modeling for free newspapers.

When you hear the word “model,” you think you have to be fancy, attention-seeking, and beautiful to do it! You might be thinking, “I can’t do that unless I’m pretty and attractive enough to be noticed!

The role of the model is to make the product look the best, but the product still has the lead role.

Therefore, it is not always the case that only the most beautiful men and women are chosen.
In many cases, models are selected for their natural and life-size appearance, so that the consumer can identify closely with them.

Common traits of models who are actually more likely to be selected for modeling

1) Models with fresh smiles that make everyone around them smile

Models who work on site and smile at the people they work with usually get a lot of referrals! Models who make everyone around them smile, not only during the shooting, and models who show their interest while working seem to get more opportunities back.

Also, I believe that all brands have the desire to make people happy, comfortable, delighted, and contribute to the world through their products.
Even though there may be some photo shoots that do not always feature smiling faces, a model with a nice smile who conveys this desire is more likely to be chosen in the end.

2) Ability to manage oneself

Self-control is essential for working as a model, whose appearance is a key issue.
Diet, sleep, and moderate exercise are very important to maintain skin and body shape.

In addition, models are hired for their appearance, and unless something goes wrong, they will not be asked to take a day off because they are sick.
It is a job that does not allow you to say something like, “Please let me take a day off today because I am not feeling well.”

Models should not be in poor physical or skin condition due to lack of sleep, or have dark circles under their eyes.
Models who are in good physical condition are more likely to be trusted and chosen.
Once such trust is lost, the agent is more likely to not hire the model anymore.

3) Always positive and ambitious

Even if you submit an entry for the job you want or go to an audition, the job is not always confirmed with you.
This is the same with popular models; it is not that you are not good enough, it is just that the image clients are looking for is not a match with yours.

Popular models always look at themselves objectively to see how they look on camera, what kind of facial expressions they have, whether they behave in a smart manner, etc. They also look back at themselves and do a lot of research.
Also, for the composite photos for the document screening process, which is the first step in any job, they take a variety of photos to create a variety of photos to show how they present themselves and work hard to get selected.

So, we would like you to try your hand at modeling too! If you want to be a model, you have to join a modeling agency and take a shot at it!

And here are my top 10 recommendations for modeling agencies in 2022 in Japan!

N#1 : Chat Noir


Working with a wide range of talents, not only Japanese models but also foreign and half models.

With more than 800 Japanese and 700 foreign people, the total number of models is goes over 1500 talents.

Recently, the agency is also helping models to challenge overseas.

N#2 : Platinum Production


This agency has a lot of celebrities and actresses, so if you are aspiring to be such a famous celebrity in the future, this is the right place for you.

N#3 : Oscar Promotion


This office is also famous for the National Bishojo Contest, a contest for the most beautiful girls in Japan.

It appears to be a well-established company and with several thousand people enrolled.

N#4 : Asia Promotion


Many well-known talents are on their roster.

They also specialize in fashion shows and media.

N#5 : Satoru Japan


This is a modeling agency with some foreign models registered. Not many famous models belong to this agency, but there seems to be plenty of work.

N#6 : Pearl


A few years ago, fashion magazine Camcam models helped launching Moe Oshikiri and Yuri Ebihara. This is the model agency that they both belong to.

N#7 : Bon Image


They have models, including Asian and foreign models.
They produce charismatic talents.

N#8 : SOS Model Agency


This one has branches in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka, and is a long-established and reliable agent.

There do not seem to have many famous models on their roster, but they do have a large number of members.

N#9 : NAME Management


There are branches in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.
There are some famous models, but no famous actors. If you live in Nagoya or Osaka and want to challenge yourself in Tokyo too, this may be a good place to do so, as they have a branch office here.

N#10 : Starray Production


It is more of a talent-oriented agency, but if you want to become a talent or actor from a modelling career, you may want to try this agency.

So if you’re a model, or aspiring to be one, please refer to this, and take a big shine to it!

This is a piece of advice from a model agency with a global presence…

Chat Noir, Talents & Models Agency

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How do we choose the right modeling agency?

Since long ago, modeling has been one of the most coveted occupations in Japan.

However, have you given up thinking, “I can’t be a model because I’m not tall enough,” “I’m not beautiful,” or “I can’t walk in an accurate way for shows”?

Tall is not the only way to be a model.
In the first place, models are hired to complement the product, not to be the star of the show.

How does one look cool carrying a Dior bag?
Who should carry it and for what purpose?
How should Louis Vuitton clothes be worn?
For what purpose should it be worn?
The model’s job is to show the product in a way that will excite the imagination of the people who see the advertisement or the stage.

Tall models are still chosen for fashion stages, but for some advertisements, people who fit the image are often used regardless of their height.
Also, for wedding shows and hair/makeup shows, people who fit the image are often sought rather than tall people, so it is not necessarily a job that only tall people can do.

So, how do you start such a coveted job as a model?

Practice 1

Search for modeling agencies using the web and SNS!

What kind of models are being used there and what is the model’s track record?

The key point is: do they have a track record of the work you are looking for?

Practice 2

Take the plunge and request an interview!

Actually, too many people tend to send nowadays retouched photos to offices, but it is not appropriated.
Indeed, most of the time, these agencies want to see you, as natural as possible, to understand who you are before an interview.

Before getting interviewed, it is recommended that you get ready-to-use great photos. The key to winning is to send shots that make the people understand your style, who you want to become as a model.

It’s important to understand the difference then between artistic photos and natural photos.

Sending retouched photos is OK when it’s on purpose, for showing what you can do as an artist for example. Then, here you can use effects, make-up (etc.).

But when agencies ask for natural photos, it is for a complete different purpose. It is essential to make the difference.
Otherwise, it might result in an NG for the interview.

Practice 3

Show off your strengths to the fullest in the interview!

A model does not get to the top simply by having good visuals.

Recommendations and evaluations from office managers are very important for becoming a model that can be used over and over.

Moreover, for managers, it is also safer to use models they know they can trust in, models that are serious and reliable. This will create a good relationship and agencies will then tend to recommend such models to their clients.

In addition, models who receive good reviews from clients are very popular, and they get lots of annual contracts just for repeats and never stop working.

So offices will hire models who convey such inner beauty in their interviews, and they are more likely to be morale-boosted by having them practice in the field immediately.

In the modeling industry, where service, care, and manners are very important, beautiful models who exude not only visually but also from the inside are in high demand.

And the education of such manners used as professional models is a specialty of Chat Noir Model Agency.

Chat Noir Models has branches in Tokyo, Osaka, and Los Angeles.
It is a modeling agency that actively works with international clients and foreign models.

The firm has over 25 years of experience and is a well-known promotional models agency.

Moreover, we have been working with foreign models for more than 10 years.

Chat Noir is a highly reputable and highly recommended modeling agency that currently work with more than 800 foreign and Japanese models from 45 different countries, making it a modeling agency with a global activities.

So check the Chat Noir modeling agency website to see if the modeling job you are after is here.

By the way, a collection of results for the past five years is available for review now, and the recent trend in the modeling industry is to actively use models in their 40s and 50s, as well as Mrs. models.

So don’t worry about your age anymore!

There is no retirement age for modeling!

And we hope that you will be able to model for a very very long time!

Chat Noir, Talents & Models Agency

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How to choose a reliable modeling agency

When it comes to modeling and making career in the fashion industry, finding and getting agency representation is the first concrete step.

It seems pretty obvious as agencies are the bridge between models and the industry, having connections and established working relationships with clients, as well as the know-how to market talents and negotiate the best pay rates for models.

So most new and aspiring models understand the importance of finding agencies they can rely on. Agencies that are able to represent them well and help them to get offers.

Therefore, rather than working freelance, models should join an office so that managers can protect their talent and select work that suits them.
Today, there are more and more people who work freelance (without belonging to an office) using tools such as SNS, but those who feel the role and importance of an office are still recommended to join an office and have a manager to help and protect them.

This is why many models take the time at first to search actively and finally choose the agencies they feel they can trust.

But how do you find a modeling agency that will advise you, believe in you, and will help you reach your goals? How will you recognize that it is the one(s) for you, the one(s) you can rely on?

How should you choose a modeling agency? Let’s try to give you some tips in this article.

1. Screening their profiles and references

Actually, when you find a lot of agencies, it is important to check who they are? Who they come from? Do they have branches? What do they have achieved so far? Who are their clients?

The more clearly the company is described on its website, the more secure the company will be. It is a good way to make a preliminary selection.

If the agencies you are looking for have no experience (or at least no references), no provided information about them (e.g., capital, name of representative, date of incorporation, location, etc.), if they have no serious and clean website, if they have no or very few models who have joined them already, that is not a good sign from the starting line.

In addition, social media is very popular today.
Looking at the firm’s social networking sites will give you an idea of the firm’s corporate culture. It would be a way to see if the selected agency suits you or not.

2.Look at the firm’s track record

In the first place, what field of modeling do you want to work for?
Try to ask this question to yourself and find an answer.

For example, if you are not really tall, it would be probably better for you to consider advertising modeling rather than fashion shows.

In that case, try to find out how many advertising modeling works does the agency have done recently?
How many clients do they have and who are they?
It is a good idea to check the firm’s website to see if they have a solid track record.
You can also check the firm’s track record on social networking sites.
Is it the kind of work you are looking for?

3. Avoid paying from scratch

Most of the time good agencies do NOT ask for upfront fee!

Especially when you really starts as model, and probably opt for a freelancing contract (which means that you are not working full-time for a Mother agency and you’re not listed as a Top Model), there is no reason for you to pay to get registered.

Indeed, in many of these cases, agencies do not have any work and make their profit from the model’s registration fee and lesson fees.

So, if there are fees involved in belonging to the agency, beware!

Again, as a freelance model, if a contract isn’t being offered to you first, there is no reason why an agency should be asking you to pay upfront fees.

If an agency asks you to pay for portfolio creation, comp card printing (etc.), it is not justified and we recommend you leaving.

On the side, when it comes to additional services like training, specific lessons to improve your skills and that requires time like money for the agency, it is understandable, but it should stay something optional.

Actually, it is not appropriate for a standard agency to pressure you to take specific services or to sign a contract right then and there without allowing you to take it home to look over for a few days.

In addition, it’s entirely possible that self-proclaimed model agencies are actually scammers or con artists. So you should pay attention to this too before signing anything.

4.Look at the models listed on a website

Nowadays, most modeling agencies have profiles of their models on their websites. Are there a lot of people you think are beautiful and able to model in a way or another? Do you admire some of them? Are there people who you think are not just attractive but look cool too?

Just as nice people gather around nice people, nice models naturally gather at nice agencies.

Therefore, we can assume that high quality models join high quality agencies.

5.Check the location

Where is the agency’s head office located? Do it has branch offices?
For example, if you want to try your hand at modeling in another country, check their track record and connections to other countries, and more importantly, their branch offices in other countries.

If you want to be active in a wide range of fields, we recommend that you take these factors into consideration when selecting a firm.

And when you are finally considering a modeling agency, try to arrange a meeting to get your confirmation.

6. Ask all your questions

Before joining an office, there is always an interview.

So when you go to the interview, try to pay attention to the atmosphere in the agency offices and the staff’s friendliness.

Do the staff appears to be busy and interacting with clients and models? Do they seem genuinely engaged with you in conversation? Are any awkward moments? On the contrary, do you feel like you are at home?

If you feel something is wrong, you should probably make an end to it while you can because the modeling agency you end up signing with will be people you’ll be interacting with for the duration of your contract.

Then, don’t be afraid to ask questions and get clarification on anything you don’t understand. Because it is the agency’s job to explain you about its methods and contracts.

Besides, do not hesitate to make a list of questions ahead of time so you don’t forget anything during the interview.

Here again, you can try to see how the agency answer run-of-the-mill questions agencies are accustomed to addressing.

And there should be no reason why the agency should get defensive or not provide you with answers for simple and trivial questions.

Do not forget that the way an agency interacts with you from day 1 is a great way to get an idea of what moving forward with it would look like once you enroll in the agency.

So we have covered the main areas to think about and check for details before enrolling in any agency.

Do you want to try in the end? Do you want to shine? Do you want to be on stage or express yourself in front of people?

If the answer is yes, you should first consider finding a safe and nice place which you would like to register at.

So you’d better make sure you’re picking an agency that you look forward to working with.

And this not just because the agency is the biggest and the best, that is necessarily the one you need.

Indeed, if you feel uncomfortable or get a bad feeling that something’s not right, it’s likely a sign that it’s not a good fit.

Take your time to find the right one for you!

And for that, we hope this article could bring you some real tips.

Chat Noir, Talents & Models Agency

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