How to earn on a Live stream


It is abrupt,


In Japan, online live services and live communities for live distribution
is now popular,

not only in Japan but

Nearby countries as well, China , South Korea, Malaysia and


And it is becoming  more popular all over the world, including the United States and Europe.



There are about 20 kinds of video distribution services just as I know.

For example, Facebook, Instagram, TwitCasting, etc.

If you have registered each app,
You can easily distribute videos.

I often hear in Japan,




Mix channel

Pococha etc …

It is said to be famous.


However, depending on why you started the Live broadcast,
If you live only to become famous,
That would be one of the uses,
Now that live broadcasting can be paid hourly, there is also a bonus
It’s also a popular factor for anyone starting a Live broadcast.


I want to be able to earn like an entertainer by Live distribution!
I want to be famous for Live broadcasting!

If you think

We recommend that you belong to an office that is strong in live broadcasting.



Currently, 90% of people who are considered top level
Because it is an official Live through the Agent!

For that reason! !

The agent that is well-versed in live broadcasting,
There is a professional adviser,
Or contract with such a company through the agent.


those who changed from  general live to an agent live,
On average, profits are up 120%.


When you decide to become officially Live through the agent,
Certainly, when you go through the agent,
30% or 40% may be deducted.
* That is because the agent also makes a profit.

However, general  those who do not go through the agent
Many people don’t know how to earn or become famous.
So-called lack of study and research.

It is better to go Live through the agent.
If you want to earn or become famous,
Reaching that goal is still strong! !

It’s the same mechanism as the entertainment world.
Even if you do your best, you can’t beat a major production.

Good work also comes into production.





You started out as live, but are you having trouble with this?

I started it myself, but I can hardly make it …

It is not an official live, so there is no hourly wage…

I feel lonely when doing it alone …

Motivation of myself does not rise because there are few people watching
I don’t know how it works …

I hear that live streaming is effective when linked with Twitter and TIKTOK,
But I don’t know how to interlock …



We recommend that you belong to a agent that is strong in live broadcasting! !

Here is a company that is strong in live distribution

Model and Promotional Agency ChatNoir


There are more than 100 live broadcast models in ChatNoir


And as advice for beginners,

I don’t know where the live stream suits me …
Livers’ meetings, off-party, goods sales,
I want the agent to share plans with the fans and increase the synergistic effect …

In the agent, we also set up information exchange meetings between livers, I want you to have many benefits as a river of the agent etc…

Rather than working hard alone,
You can talk to the agent and get excited with your manager.
(Although it’s your own job, it goes without saying that your efforts are the best.)


When you start it

Start at the moment you want to do it!


Not official!


Or if you can’t sign an advisor through the agent, we recommend you to belong to the agent!


When and at what timing
You can play live on any schedule.

(It’s also a big advantage of the live that you can do it at home)

The live camera can be set up as an image or as if you were making it.



How to endure the future era,
I think it is time to be tested.


Taking advantage of the situation of the world that has become a self-restraint system with this coronavirus
(If the number of gamers is increasing, the live viewing is also increasing.)

Hope more people can use this situation as soon as possible! !


Not that there is no job.
You just don’t capture your work with wisdom and technology.
That is the path you need to be successful.


Live distribution cooperation agent

Model and Talent Agency ChatNoir 



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Companion, Fashion, Hostess, Model, Promotional model, Race queen | Grid girl, 未分類,

The popular agency Chat Noir for top models & promotional models

Chat Noir is now celebrating its 24th year anniversary and has coma long way since its establishment.
However, as a popular Model and Promotional model agency in Japan, we are committed to improving further in the future. 


So some people ask sometimes : 


How does Chat Noir manage to remain a popular modeling and promotional agency?


As said above Chat Noir has been in the fashion and modeling business for 24 years. It has been a major space player in the promotion of models, promotional models and many kind of artistic talents. 

Currently, there are more than 1500 registered talents and foreign models from more than 45 different countries.

The agency is composed of a head office based in Tokyo and branch offices located in Osaka, Singapore, and Los Angeles for now.  

And as we keep on growing, we plan to open new branches in the world in the future…

But how do we succeed in growing that way? What is THE secret to remain active and a main actor in the modeling industry?

Well, first of all… 

Part 1: Good human resource education

※ We are very enthusiastic when it comes to the training of our human resource. Besides, the CEO herself provides training and lessons at office, in line with the company’s philosophy.  
※ What does the client want?
※Where is the client’s success?

Thinking that way helps you to develop your business. 

If you want your own success, you need first to be aware that there is no success without the success of the client.
The focus is on doing the job, keeping in mind what the client wants, rather than just doing the job in itself. 

Part 2: Manager is kind and polite (follow-up is great!)

* Upon receiving a request from a client, we pick up human resources from in-office information data on what kind of human resources are preferable.

In there, clarify what the client wants,
For example, those who have sales ability, those who have high ability as receptionist, those who have high questionnaire collection rate, those who have excellent language skills etc. … We will pick up from the data what each is looking for.

The repetition rate is very high because we send in human resources after carefully checking what the client wants.
In addition to providing the talent, after completion the client will also see the evaluations they feel, which will then be stored in company data as a talent score.


Part 3: High quality human resources

* How do you get high quality human resources?

There is a mechanism there.

High-quality human resources are still popular, not to mention wherever they go.
In order to secure high quality human resources,
Chat Noir pays its staff with a higher fee than many of other agencies, even if the sale margins are low sometimes.

That’s because we have a lot of jobs, so even if each sales percentage goes down, we focus on acquiring a great number of clients.

So think about it!

Even if you pay a fee of 1,000 yen higher to human resources than other companies, the talent of the person will generate value twice or three times as high.

That’s why the repeat rate from clients is really high.

Part 4: A large number of people can pick up the desired human resources

* Every day, meticulous interviews are arranged, and the interviewer makes a strict examination and evaluates.

After all, we recommend to the client staff with the highest scores first and adapt to each kind of mission.

But finding the right people can be difficult sometimes and it is not just about the physical aspect. Personal abilities are also very important. 

That is why managers’ mission is crucial. Indeed, get to know the talent individually, finding THE perfect talent for the mission according to the client’s needs takes time. 
But among a large group like 1,500 people, you’re pretty sure to find the THE one!

Part 5: The salary of human resources is higher than other companies!

* This is very important for the registered personnel.
Chat Noir is not focusing on having beautiful and nice styled talents.
We interview for high quality and talented people every day.

Especially in the present era, being bilingual is almost a must. Chat Noir also has talents who can speak three or four languages and work with people from different backgrounds as former cabin attendants, former teachers or even former police officers…

This is what makes the difference.

How was it?

Did you know why Chat Noir was so special already? lol 

Hope anyway that this article will help you.

Especially as from 2020 onwards, Chat Noir will increasingly look for more and more good human resources across Japan and around the world…

Thus, thanks to all of you talents, we will do our best to keep on growing in order to keep that special place we have, as a real bridge between clients and our human resources… 

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Popular rental costumes

Costumes for events and parties are the best rented!

Indeed, it becomes easy to rent almost everything at present time. As for rental costumes, it is in general not that expensive. Besides, it starts at only 2500 yen/day in our agency.

Thinking about the usage, it sometimes seems better to consider this option rather than buying a costume over 10 000 yen that you would wear very occasionally (even just once), would have to pay for the cleaning fee, would have to stock the outfit at home whereas you have no empty space…

The rental costume service is the key!

So we are introducing here our Top 10 of the most popular outfits in case one day you would have the opportunity to use our service for an event, a party… 

First of all…

1)Our sexy and close-fitting red dress

The back, decollete and belly are quite visible with this flattering outfit that highlights the body’s curves.

As the decollete makes the outfit sexy, if it seems to much for you, the key is to add some large accessories with it. 

The back of the dress is also almost backless

Rental service :  Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service

2)Our basic white dress with knee length

This dress can be even more highlighted with a belt or a scarf for example.

But even without any accessory, this dress is very nice.
Besides, instead of a belt or a scarf, you can also put on a jacket with it.

Rental service :  Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service

3)Our red dress with pearls

This red dress brings an elegant touch.

A string of pearls is encrusted on the top of the chest. 

Rental service :  Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service

4)Our white dress with ribbon

This large white dress with a ribbon belt brings the femininity out.

It is also possible to replace the white ribbon by a belt and scarf.

By changing the color of the belt, you can match the colors of your accessories and shoes. It can match with the mood of the moment too.

Our white knee-length tight skirt dress

Although it is sleeveless, it is safe even in air-conditioned rooms because of the thick fabric.

It is also available in light blue as below. 

There is a zipper in the back.

Rental service :  Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service

6)Our popular ceremony & exhibition uniform

The decollete line is in see-through fabric. The bright orange color makes the dress attractive. A white belt and bolero can be added too.

Even just changing the color of the belt gives a slightly different impression.

Rental service :  Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service

7)Our Fairy-like long white dress

Depending on your hairstyle, the impression you give with the dress is slightly different.

This long dress and can be worn on Spring, Summer and Fall.

This dress is see-through from the decollete to the arm.

Rental service : Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service

8)Navy blue business suit

It is a Winter suit because the fabric is solid. Great success in business!

It gives a chic image thanks to larger button.

Rental service :  Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service

9)Our popular cosplay uniform

This is a CA-style costume with a hat. You can increase your popularity with this one!

However, as there is no inner provided, you would have to use your own. Moreover, the scarf is relatively large.

Rental service :  Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service


10)Our wedding (after) party dress

The design is simple so it fits in many places and the key element is the ribbon here. This is ideal for summer as the fabric is thin.

A black version is also available. 

Rental service :  Chat Noir Agency, clothing rental service

Just like that, the article is over.

Hope that this one was useful and that it will help you to find THE outfit you would need in case you plan to rent something on our website someday.

Anyway, there is no doubt that the rental demand will increase in the future…


Chat Noir, the Talents & Models Agency

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Agency, Fashion, Model,

Top 10 most popular modeling agencies in 2020

2020 is a very special year for Japan as the awaited Olympics will start in July.

Thus, what kind of position do you think models can hold during this memorable period? Maybe some of you think that the Olympic Games are nothing to deal with fashion and modeling…

However, models also have a chance to work at the Olympics!

For example, female models can have a chance for the opening ceremony as stage attendant! This is also one of the job of the models!

Do you want to give it a try?

↓  ↓  ↓  ↓

If you want to work as a model at the Olympics, here are the top 10 modeling agencies we recommend!

1.Chat Noir

This office has a total of more than 1200 talents and models, with around 800 Japanese models and 450 foreign models. Currently making many transactions with other countries including the US with the branch in Los Angeles.
If you are especially fluent in English or in Chinese, we recommend this agency as many opportunities are considerable.

2.Platinum Production

This office has a lot of talents and actors/actresses.
So if you are longing for such opportunities in the future, this is the recommended place.

3.Asia Promotion

Many famous talents are enrolled. If fashion shows and entertainment are words that resonate with you, try to visit their website. 

4.Audition Navi

It is a famous office especially for the beauty scene and national beauty contests.


It is a model agency from which some very popular Japanese talents belong to.

6.Satoru Japan

This is a model agency exclusively for women where foreign talents are enrolled too. 


This office is more intended for Japanese and half talents and models. 

8.SOS Model

They own many branch offices on the territory like Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka… It is also reserved for Japanese and half people. 

9.NAME Management

Here also Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and branch offices are available. Many different areas are covered but once again, it is designed for Japanese and Half Japanese models. 

10.Starray Production

Although it is for local and half women only, if you want to become a famous talent or actress, you should try your luck here. 

Chat Noir, Talents & Models Agency

s & Models Agency

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Model, Promotional model,

Promotional model – interpreter for the Olympics

The time has come for Japan to hold a memorable event later on this year, and to prepare for the upcoming Olympic 2020 from now.

Would you like to take part in this once in a lifetime event?

Indeed, if you plan to find work as promotional model during this season, this is the right time to register in model agencies in Japan. Beside, here in Chat Noir, we have already started recruiting many models, hostesses, and interpreters who will be involved in the Olympics.

Since our establishment 23 years ago and a total of more than 1,200 talents, including foreign nationals from more than 45 different countries, we hope to use the know-how developed until now and cultivated in all fields for the upcoming Olympic Games.


Moreover, with more than 100 rental uniforms that can be used in all kind of events, such as opening ceremonies and reception parties, the visual of the promotional models outfits will be even enhanced.

And these offers are not exclusively reserved for female talents!

Indeed, it is also possible for promotional male models.

And with regard to the languages ​​spoken by the promotional models – interpreters, it is not just about Japanese or English in this case.

For the Olympic Games, there will also be translators capable of speaking Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. at the native level so if you think you can make it, start by register with our agency and go ahead!

And even after the Olympics, we aim to become a company that will continue to help Japan in this international transition phase, by trading more and more with foreign countries and helping to broaden the open-mindedness of Japanese customers to the world.

As a company, therefore, we hope that we can somehow help the people of the world, not just the Japanese, by supporting those who always pursue something and work hard with the idea of always challenging themselves.

With such a wish, and if we can support many of you, we will be happy and hope that it will bring many smiles all over the world.

So here is the link to contribute to your tomorrow:

Chat Noir, the Talents & Models agency

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Fashion, Model, 未分類,

A Models Agency CEO teaches the principal of “Attractiveness”

To some extent, everybody wants to be popular, to be “attractive“.

No matter how introverted your personality is, no matter how bad you interact with people, no matter how self-confident you are, there is no one for who the feeling of being recognized has no importance at all.


We all need it somehow, for some reasons right?



Basically, you have everything to gain as an “attractive” person.

In fact, by getting popular you increase your opportunities, no matter the field.


Well, there are various ways to use the word “attractiveness”.
It ’s not just about a power of seduction or sex appeal.

In fact, we can use the concept of attractiveness in so many different situations like with a boss, children, a wife, classmates that are all somehow kind of popular with other people.


So what should we do to become an “attractive girl”, an “attractive guy”, an “attractive…”?


As a girl, you might think that being thin and beautiful will be enough to make you attractive. Some girls also think that changing their makeup or hairstyle is the solution. Still others, focus on a way to become sexy…


As a guy, you probably think that entering a good college or having a a good job give you makes you cool. Another option some people consider is to behave as a gentle man…


Well, those options might help somehow but you need to know that this is not the most important thing. The main one is:



Being an attractive person = “entering into the other’s desire”.


You might ask yourself: “How does it work?”


Well, first of all, if you enter into the other person’s desire, this person will want to learn more from you. This is how it works.


It means that the more you will become able to understand the needs and desires from other people, the more you will develop a kind of link and seduction / attraction power on them.



So how should be do again?


Well, this is not that hard to grasp.


As previously said, the other party’s expectations need to be understood and granted.


To do this, you have to think in a different way, you have to put aside your own desires, avoid to think with too selfish “FOR ME” attitude.

Here, this is the other person’s desires who count.


Being able to sense, catch or even anticipate what people are expecting is the key.


It is important to open your mind!


Indeed, the more you grow up, the less flexible your way of thinking is. (But in general you are not able to notice it by yourself. And other people will not tell you).


So developing the ability to absorb different points of view like a fluffy sponge will definitely change your mindset.


Indeed, no matter if you want to become an “attractive father”, “attractive girl”, “attractive boy”, “attractive boss” (etc.), it is necessary to learn with the experience you will have, how to become more flexible and get into the other person’s desire.


How is it?


In the end, it is not so difficult to become “Attractive”, right? 


I think that everybody is able to achieve it somehow so please, from now, challenge yourself in order to become the sort of “attractive” person you want to be!


Chat Noir, Japanese Talents & Models Agency





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Model, 未分類,

Top 10 Model Agencies in Japan


There are many foreigners who want to try to model in Japan.
Even if I want to model in my home country, I’m a little short. … but there is a possibility in Japan!
There are many foreigners who came to the interview with such thoughts.



The average height of Japanese people has risen to the right, of many other countries over the years.
It is thought that Westernization eating habits is greatly involved as a reason for growing toward the present height in todays society.



This is due to the need for moderate exercise and nutrition and sleep recovery. The nutrients are protein and calcium, magnesium and vitamins.
In particular, protein has benefited from Westernization, and the intake of protein provides a foundation for heightening, and calcium is also related to the process.



However, the average height of Japanese people is still low compared to the US and Europe.

Therefore in the world of Japan, even if the male height is 175cm and the female height is 165cm, if the total balance is good, you can still be used as a model.



What is total balance?


1. Overall body and face balance

2. Well-equipped features

3. Legs are thin and have moderate muscles

4. Good teeth alignment







So if you are a foreigner who wants to be active as a model in Japan,
Please research my recommended model offices.

Surely you may not find the office you are looking for?


Japan Models Top 10 List



1.Chatnoir Model Talent Agency




3.Free Weve


4.Oscar promotion


5.Asia promotion


6.Platinum prodaction




8.SOS Model Agency











In the future Japan, more and more young people from other countries are aiming for internationalization.

If your a foreigner in Japan with a deep interest of anime and history.
Please challenge your Japan Dream .


Its my advice, from Chanoir model agency ^^


Chatnoir Japan model agency



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Fashion, Model,

When looking for some good model agencies in France…


Needless to say that when talking about fashion, modeling agencies and “mannequins” (models), France and particularly Paris, has a major influence on the world from decades to this day. Besides, they have maintained a clear primacy, particularly thanks to their fashion discipline and attitude.


In addition, among other important principles, Parisian agencies attach great importance to punctuality, motivation and ambition, especially if you take part in the runway shows of the world’s best designers, in the French capital, where the concepts of “Haute Couture” (high quality clothing) and “Prêt-à-porter” (fitting clothing to a specific client) were born.


Nowadays, all the world known brands are in Paris, so it seems logical to find numerous fashion agencies there too.


So if you plan to start your career in France and mainly in Paris, you need to find the perfect agencies. There, you will be able to get a good amount of modeling experience if you become a model, even for one of them. And as we know that it is not that easy to find your way on this web, we are going to help you! 




Thus, here is a list of model agencies that provide jobs for quality brands, media, products and different kind of campaigns. We have tried to list the best agencies in Paris and made our TOP 10 based on multiple criteria and feedback we have from partners and models.  


So here is your chance to get your first modeling contract in Paris!







There is no doubt that Elite is one of the most famous agency in the world with representations throughout the world. Lots of famous models in Paris are therefore under contract with Elite Paris. Whether it is Paris, New York, Milan, Hong Kong or Shanghai, Elite Models agencies surround the whole world.




Supreme Models is a good place to start from as the agency focuses on discovering new faces and talents. Indeed, they help them to start and give the models the possibility to work for a lot of famous brands too.




This agency founded in 1978 is the oldest agency in France. City Models is more interested in “real faces”, personalities and models who have something special, who are unique.




They have a large variety of models with different looks and an extra category for new faces. Famous brands often cooperate with it.




This agency is not only located in Paris but all over the world like in Milan, London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Montreal and Toronto. Next Management works a lot with top models represented in magazines.




Since 1985, Marilyn Agency has been considering as a prestigious agency for models. They have different categories from fashion to entertainment. Their female models are often seen in famous female magazine as well as on runways.




The agency is getting more and more popular recently in France. For the models, working with Cocaine is a good way to gain a foothold in the modeling business, especially to break into the German market if you plan to extend your career in Europe.




Mademoiselle has also a strong influence, not just thanks to its elegant name but also and mainly thanks to its network. They do a lot of shootings and campaign with famous brands like Armani, L’Oréal…




Based in Paris, they work with all the established brands like Yves Saint Laurent and are mostly known for their experience with male models.





Silent Models offer different jobs at runways or shootings for all their models. The Paris’ agency works mainly with young ladies.



So there we are!

As you can guess, this non-exhaustive list is just a quick overview to help you in your step to glory but you can find many more agencies by searching on the Internet which may offer you some possible alternatives.


From now, it is time to get into it and experience modeling in Paris!


And if you are still looking for further information, do not hesitate to contact us and visit our website!


Models & Talents Agency Chat Noir





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Fashion, Model, 未分類,

For those who want to be a model or want to know what a model consist in.

In a nutshell, there are many types of models in the model industry.

In reality, there are only a handful of models and fashion models called supermodels.

Fashion models are models involved in fashion shows, fashion magazines, fashion catalogs, fashion mail order sales and fashion photography.
These models are called fashion models.

So what kind of people are classified as a supermodel?

Simply put, social position and reward are top models.
Everyone who wants to be a model wants to be in this position.

However, the bones and heights etc. that were born are not obtained with any effort.

There are a lot of people in the world who think that it is necessary to give up in order to aim for the top model.

There are a lot of jobs that are said to be models as follows.

1. Art Model-Models such as sculptures and paintings. In a broad sense, it also includes art-oriented photographs.

2. Gravure model-A female model who wears a swimsuit or lingerie, shoots for a magazine, or advertises a product.

3. Advertising model-A model for advertising. For example, corporate brochures, flyer advertisements for real estate, etc.

4 · Campaign model-A model to be promoted at an exhibition or event site to promote a company. In the case of women, it is also called campaign girl, or in foreign countries it is also called exhibition girl.

5 · Fitness model-A model that sells a healthy body that is often seen recently. It is similar to a bodybuilder, but refers to a model of the body line focusing on “muscle beauty” and “health beauty”.

6. Shooting Model-A model that is the subject of a photo. In recent years, I see business where shooting models is called photo session , regardless of whether they are amateurs or professionals.

7. Magazine model-A model that appears on a magazine photo page. Among the magazines, it can be divided into a dedicated model, a regular model and a reader model.

8. Commercial Models-Not only actresses, actors and talents, there are plenty of possibilities for TV commercials to become fathers, mothers and businessmen.

9. Parts model-A model that uses only specific parts of the body, such as hands, feet, and eyes.
You may also hear the words hand talent and foot talent, right?
Focus and shoot only that part.

10. Hair model-or subject of haircut practice / trial by hairdresser. Or it is also called a salon model.

11. Cosplay model-A cosplayer model that is often seen at animation shows and game shows.

12 · Bridal model-A model performing fashion shows and bridal advertisements in the bridal industry such as wearing wedding dresses and tuxedos. The bridal model is not questionable about height.

13. Kimono model-Wearing a kimono and taking pictures or playing at a kimono fashion show.

Thus, the profession called model has not only fashion models and supermodels, but also places of success as various models.

We hope you find it helpful.

Model talent agency Chat Noir 

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Banquet, Companion, Hostess,

What the banquet hostess job consists in?


Talking about banquet hostess 

When we mention the word “banquet”, do you know what it means? Originally, it was introduced in Japan in Osaka about 30 years ago.


At that time, many companies wanted to hold exhibitions and the job consisted in something different from today. Indeed, it was associated to a much prestigious and selected image.

Now it is has become a more accessible service that we can meet when organizing parties or receptions.
In this regard we can distinguish 2 main categories now, offering different services which are connected anyway: “Promotional Model” and “Banquet Hostess”.


Thus, promotional models are more likely to deal with orientation, distribution, product demonstration while banquet hostesses are more likely to welcome and serve the guests.




In addition, Banquet Hostesses have to keep an eye on the cleanliness of the location. It does not mean that they have to clean though.

They also have more opportunities to chat with the guests due to the proximity.


What about clothing or hairstyle in that case?

In the past, it was more formal that it is today. Indeed, the dress code was more oriented towards long dresses with classic hairstyles and red lipsticks.

However, recently different kind of costumes such as suits and short dresses are seen, with a variety of possible hairstyles and makeup.


Event preparedness

A lot of events are held at hotels and convention halls, among other places. As the service quality is expected to be high, it is essential that talents have a well-dressed appearance, well done hairstyle and a beautiful makeup.


Of course, a beautiful appearance is also sought.

But no matter how beautiful a talent looks, if you have the back bent or do not keep your back straight while walking, the impression you give is definitely not good.


At a magnificent party, a woman with a good posture will look more prominent and beautiful than the other ones.


Who do you prefer to speak to between a woman with barely no expression and a woman with all smiles?
It seems obvious that we would prefer the one smiling.


When talking with customers, it is also important to be able to look them in the eyes.


In addition, as it is not a conversation with friends, it is important to have appropriate greetings, a polite language and communication skills.


Many customers participating in these parties have sometimes not much contact in daily life, but have a high position in the political society or a company. Those customers are generally less easy to get in contact with.
Thus, if you can talk to them with confidence and liking, it will be an experience which help you growing.



Sometimes, you also have to face up to different unpredictable situations, over-drinking issues, guests forgetting their invitations…


Therefore it is essential here to be able to be attentive and understand the situation, act or react quickly and adapt yourself as so far possible if needed. 


Therefore, being a Banquet Hostess (known as “Party Companion” in Japan) involves some responsibilities. 


Besides, in Japan, when you say the word “host” or “hostess”, local people may associated them with the nightlife business. This is probably the reason why they tried to find another appellation.



By the way, when you attend a party, what kind of hospitality do you look for and feel comfortable with? What kind of women seem to look natural according to you?


Many people think that a job like this is all about glamour, but in reality it means far more than this. Becoming a Banquet Hostess can help you to be more attentive to other needs and able to adapt yourself quickly. And of course, it may help you for your future professional career too.


Chat Noir, The Talents and Models Agency




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