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Where is the Asian model talent agency located in the United States?


We are a Japanese corporate company and our only branch office in Los Angeles California is Japan’s model talent office Chatnoir Inc.


Yes, there are very few Japanese model talent offices moving into overseas, even now.

One of the reasons is that it is very difficult to set up an office in another country.

The majority of the hardships are getting visas and licenses.

In particular, the United States has become increasingly difficult in recent years.


In my point of view, the reverse is that the Japanese agent has not made inroads into the United States,
We think that it is a huge opportunity than doing business in Japan.
Businesses should have as few competitors as possible.


As a feature of our company, not only the model but
Dancer, Actress, Race Queen, exhibition girl, Campaign Girl, Narrator,
Human resources in a wide range of fields of moderators.

If you try to compete with a model abroad, you need to be at least 185 cm for men and at least 175 cm for women.

And yet, the line of the body that has not been altered, the raised buttocks, the way to walk as a show model, the technique of how to show etc …
also the element that was born naturally that can not be helped by effort alone.

You don’t have to give up yet even if you don’t have that much height and a slender body line too! !

Other than show models, there is also work called models.


For example, advertising models for magazines and companies do not have many height limitations.

Also, as in Japan there is also a profession of salon model,
There is also a profession called the salon model that serves as a model of a beauty salon in the United States.
Also, in Japan, what is indispensable at the time of the event is the existence of a companion (in the case of overseas, it is called an exhibition girl or an event hostess).



These work contents include handing out flyers for each booth and inviting them into the booth of the customer.


Also, not only that, pit crew girls in car races, and round girls in martial arts events enliven the venue.In this way, the glamorous occupation is not only a model, but also a variety of taste occupations.
However, whatever you work abroad, you need some English communication skills.

As for any work, the work that stands in front of people (the so-called “service industry”) always has an audition.



English questions are also required in the audition.

Don’t forget that there will always be a profile selection by audition.


Your profile represents your career, your credibility as a service business, and your photos with photos of your work.

It’s expression, style, smile, hair color, skin color, beauty you have. For us, the industry that sells beauty requires a lifetime of secrets and efforts to maintain beauty.

But I do not know how to rely on anyone to challenge! !
At such time, an agent like us mediates.However, one of the difficulties is the acquisition of visas.

You need to prepare yourself that no model or talent office will issue a visa first.In addition, student visas in the United States can not work basically.

If you are living in the United States in any way, or acquiring visas with your own power, it is at the forefront.


The American Dream is difficult, but we support those who do their best without giving up.
Asians who want to challenge or compete in the US can also interview at our Tokyo or Osaka offices in Japan.

Please contact me if you would like to consult


Chatnoir Model Talent Agency




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List of Japanese model offices I choose



Japan will accept many foreigners for the 2020 Olympics.

At that time, this site will introduce a Japanese model office where foreigners can register with confidence.

Please refer to it.



1: Can I register with a Japanese model office even if I can not speak Japanese?

>There are many model offices that accept foreigners, even if they do not speak Japanese. If the office belongs to a foreigner, the interview will be in English.

2: What should VISA do while staying in Japan?


> For foreigners who are active in various fields such as models, talents, singers, dancers, actors and narrators in Japan, most of them are high level with a contract from an office that will issue VISA.

However, VISA does not issue anywhere in the semi-permanent challenge.
The human nature, resume, quality, etc. of that person are questioned and judged, but the possibility is only a slight one. It will be a measure of past experience and accumulated experience.

For reference, one way is to get a student visa and go to a language school to challenge model and talent jobs.

Japanese student visas can work 28 hours a week, so foreigners can work within that time.

3: I want to interview with the model office.


> Before you get to the interview, the first step is to prepare a resume with your background and seven or more beautiful photos of you.

Even if you are not a beautiful woman, you should have a self-promotion as a model, such as a firm body line, transparent skin, and beautiful legs.

Well, was it helpful?

So, I would like to list here the foreign model office that I recommend.



1:Chat Noir model talent agency

Chat Noir has more than 22 years of experience since its Grand Opening, and has 1200 registered personnel. Among them, approximately 800 people are Japanese and 400 people are foreigners.

As well as models, this is an office with a wide range of entertainers, including exhibition girls who play an active part in exhibitions and golf companions who can play golf.

2: NESモデルエージェンシー

This office is a company based in a foreign language school, and is an agent currently focusing on international preschools.
Shinjuku is the head office.


3: Remix


Not only models but also actors, actresses and dancers belong.

A woman is a representative.

4: free wave


It is a model and talent office with a base in Tokyo.

There are also many foreign registrants.

5: Avocado


This is a model office in Shibuya, which can be registered from baby to adults.


We support foreigners to be more and more fond of Japan and to be active in Japan.



Chatnoir model talent agency

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How to become a person of your choice?~ It is worldwide common ~

In the beginning
About seven years ago,
I wrote a column about the difference between a woman who is not beautiful but also a woman who can attract people and a woman who is not beautiful but attractive.
Today I was looking back at my articles I wrote a long ago.

And I noticed.
No matter what the time change it is in the world the common points that attractive women feel to everyone are the same.
Seven years ago was not so long ago,
Still, the times were changing little by little.

Seven years ago when I wrote this column, how many people knew the words “IOT”, “Instagram”, “Youtuber” etc?

Were you able to imagine that the number of young people dreaming of becoming billionaires on Youtuber is increasing?

Even though the times have changed, I have stated here that “chosen girls are common” in the column I wrote.

I have ran a model and promotion girl office for 22 years and I have seen tens of thousands of women.

“Even if you are not a beautiful woman, you will pass an audition every time, and you may have a high repeat rate and popularity. On the other hand, there are women who are exceptionally prominent but have no audition pass rate and repeat.

Women who are attractive and want to choose everyone are full of love and private.

And those women have something in common. It’s not anything special or difficult, and it depends on a little bit of everyday effort. Anyone can do it. 

Women who are not so beautiful but have in things in common with attractive women.

That’s five. Please try it for reference!

1. Facing forward

People who are positive thinking, even if they are depressed, have a short time of depression and feel that they can quickly switch back and use important time of life meaningfully. People who work hard with positive feelings look bright and are attractive to everyone.

When everyone lives, there are good and bad things. Life is a repetition of that. Even very positive people can fall. Even myself as well. No matter how positive you think, people can say bad things, fail at work, get hurt and get depressed.

Everyone gets depressed. There is no human being who is hasn’t been depressed. But it is better to have less time to fall. In order to be good at switching feelings, let’s meet with a friend who can say the truth and control something you like without being withdrawn.

2. Cherish the surroundings

In order to be a chosen and attractive woman, how do you always take care of the other party and the surroundings?  Let’s be a person who can take care of things while taking care of oneself. On the contrary, those who can not take care of themselves can not take care of others. There is no way I can cherish people more than myself!

And i don’t think that some of you are going to get it.. Also, I do not think about gain or loss or who won and who loss and so on. “its not always all about you.” We have to look at the big picture for a better understanding

By always thinking about the other person, thinking about doing something for other person, and acting, you will be a person who is naturally chosen as well.

To cherish yourself, first approve yourself and become fond of yourself.

3.Keep smiling

I would like to be a woman who usually smiles around. That’s why you don’t have to laugh. There are times when we want to cry, and sometimes we do not want to meet people. However, in daily life, there are occasions where you see your face several times a day.

It is really important for women to look at their smiles. When I have a sad face or a tired face in the mirror, I have such a face around without knowing it.

Get up in the morning, wash your face, go to the bathroom in the office, be sure to check your face and ask yourself. A woman smile makes the world go around. Whatever it is, daily practice and accumulation are important.

4. Use the right words

The wording makes a big difference in a woman’s impression with a little care. For example, if you eat something delicious and a woman says “UMAI!” If you can, if you say “OISHII” there is a product like a woman.

Not only men, but also adult women and elegant women check this kind of gestures and words in detail. Make sure that you always take care of things that cause daily speech or behavior.


5. Speak bright and clear if you can

You may think it is a voice, but the voice quality and tone greatly affect the impression you give to the other party. A bright, cheerful and powerful voice makes the person attractive and attracts attention.

When speaking, be conscious and bright, loud, and speak clearly. It is not good to speak aloud and have a weak voice, or extend the word endings and talking sloppy.

In addition, it is important how to talk to people.I think moderate speaking is best. People who speak fast are hard to understand and give impatient   impressions and negative vibes. A person who speaks too slow may give   the same.

Make sure that you have expressive power in the words of the story, and that you are not bored or forget to talk while grasping the other person’s feelings.

Everything is not difficult at all.

we always face our feelings and have the consciousness to cherish the surroundings without discrimination of all age and sex. Such a women who is  the most beautiful in the world. ccent

Click here → Chatnoir model agency

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Paris, Fashion Capital of The World


As time goes by, people have developed an interest for fashion.

Everyone has his own fashion sense and I think that a part of it should be considered as unique. Indeed, depending on your country, your origin, your culture, your generation, there are many different ways to see it.


However, we also can observe some trends coming from influential designers and big cities like Paris, the birthplace of the “Haute Couture“.

So let’s talk about this thriving fashion hub from a Parisian’s point of view…


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